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Things you have to know about sleep habits

hya hya.com 2019-01-14 11:21:47

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After a hard day's work, I believe that everyone thinks that they can sleep well at night to ease the fatigue of the day. But you don't know what you have to know about sleep habits. What are the wrong sleep habits, not only will the body not get rest, but will bring a disease.

1. I am angry with sleep before going to bed.
Being angry and angry before going to bed will make people's heart beat faster and have shortness of breath. In this case, it is difficult to fall asleep normally, and it will seriously affect the quality of sleep and lead to lack of energy. If the couple is awkward during the day, the quality of sleep at night is often poor, and the relationship between husband and wife will be affected the next day, so the vicious cycle continues.

2. I don’t care about sleep, watching TV fall asleep
Many people used to watch TV in bed before going to bed, and fell asleep while watching. Experts say that a flashing TV screen or computer screen can excite the brain and affect sleep. It is recommended to turn off the TV or computer one hour before going to bed, take a hot bath and go to bed to improve the quality of sleep.

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3. Sleeping on the pillow that is not good for sleep
When sleeping, both hands are under the head. In addition to affecting blood circulation, it is easy to cause numbness and soreness in the upper limbs. It also causes the intra-abdominal pressure to rise, leading to reflux esophagitis and affecting digestive function. In addition, raising your arms during sleep can make the external muscles of the intercostal muscles, diaphragm muscles, abdominal wall muscles and thoracic muscles unable to pull back and relax naturally, affecting the natural breathing of the lungs, easily causing chest tightness and fatigue.

4. Sleeping on the mouth that is unfavorable to sleep
According to experts, the nasal hair and secretions in the nasal cavity have the function of filtering dust and debris and humidifying the heated air. Breathing with your mouth while sleeping, the throat is prone to infection. Many chronic pharyngitis is caused by breathing through the mouth. The most effective way to change your mouth to sleep is to close your mouth before going to bed and breathe completely with your nose. Try to breathe with your nose during the day and stick to it for a week. (Mattress fabric manufacturer China)

5. Sleeping on closed doors and windows that are not good for sleep
When a person is asleep, the brain is constantly moving and needs enough oxygen. Under normal circumstances, the oxygen concentration in the well-ventilated place is about 21%. If the doors and windows are closed, after a night of breathing, the oxygen concentration in the bedroom will drop to 17% ~ 19%, or even lower.