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About Us

            we are a family run mattress ticking producing and mattress components trading company.Our machine main parts import from italy and our raw material use biggest factory in china . our products widely sell to mattress factory and hometextile factory from canada,south america,middle east,pakistan,uae ,isreal ,yemen,ireland and so on .Our customers already more than 10 years cooperation with us and our technician all have more than 10years expereince .

            For the past 15years,our reputation for providing quality fabrics and services ,we understand that nothing is important than receiving quality tyes of fabric in a timely fashion! We are constantly updating  our inventory to be able to provide our customers with latest mattress trends 

           Main products: mattress cover,pillow cover, jacquard knit mattress fabric (damask fabric,strech knit),mattress border fabric ,mattress base cover ,printing mattress fabric (tricot ,satin,pongee ,brush ,T/C ) ,fireproof fabric , anti slip fabric and so on.

Our advantage:

Profession : 15 years experience

Fashion: 20 new designs per month

sample: free sample 

Convenient: various products ,one-stop shopping,save your cost of time and worker 

Flexible payment terms:TT,LC,LC,CREDIT