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industry news and material news

Good and bad latex mattresses
Release on 2018-10-18Mattress fabric wholesales china Spring mattress jacquard fabric factory Cheapest mattress fabric su...Read More
Common baby mattress analysis
Release on 2018-10-17Mattress cover fabric wholesales  Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory Mattress linging fabric...Read More
Tips for choosing a latex mattress
Release on 2018-10-16For more information please click these words: Mattress felt factory china, Folding bed manufacturer china, Waterproof membrane manufacturer china ...Read More
Maintenance of latex mattress
Release on 2018-10-15Mattress satin fabric manufacturer china Although pure latex mattresses do not contain formaldehyde, but the latex mattresses on t...Read More
What do you need to know to choose a mattress?
Release on 2018-10-12Mattress fabric manufacturer China 1. Understand the standard of healthy mattresses A healthy mattress has nothing to meet three criter...Read More
Healthy mattress - relieve lumbar pain
Release on 2018-10-10Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier  If you have a lumbar injury or an elderly person with a lumbar disease, you can c...Read More
Mattress collapse cannot continue to be used
Release on 2018-10-09Printing warp knitted fabric supplier plain dyed Microfiber mattress fabrics supplier China Mattress satin fabric manufacturer china Some frien...Read More
Select common mistakes in mattresses
Release on 2018-10-08China Mattress protector supplier  china Mattress components factory  Cheapest mattress fabric ...Read More
Mattress collapse can not be ignored
Release on 2018-09-30China Mattress components factory  Bedding products with the most contact with the human body are also the most frequently used an...Read More
Which is more suitable for a mountain brown mattress and a coir mattress?
Release on 2018-09-28Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier  Both the mountain palm mattress and the coir mattress are brown mat mattresses. T...Read More
Is it good for children to use latex mattresses?
Release on 2018-09-27Mattress fabric wholesales china Benefits of children using latex mattresses 1. Children's resistance is poor. According to the statist...Read More
Spring mattress type
Release on 2018-09-26Knitted tricot mattress fabric manufacturer The spring mattress has the main support for the internal spring core, and the type an...Read More
Spring mattress material
Release on 2018-09-25spring mattress jacquard fabric factory The padding of the spring mattresses determines the comfort of the mattresses. Generally, ...Read More
Tips for choosing a spring mattress
Release on 2018-09-21Spring mattress jacquard factory1)When testing the soft and hard mattress, press the four sides of the mattress first to see if the edg...Read More
How to disinfect towels, towel disinfection method
Release on 2018-09-20Mattress fabric manufacturer china Towels are used as cleaning items in daily life. Although it is small and inconspicuous, its help to...Read More
The 5 big mistakes in the use of mattresses look at your "in the move"?
Release on 2018-09-19Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China People always follow their own habits during use. Those little habits seem to have no effe...Read More
How to clean the blanket?
Release on 2018-09-18Mattress ticking supplier china Blankets are our usual warmth items, and we have almost stayed in every household. When we have winter,...Read More
Quilt cleaning method
Release on 2018-09-18Mattress fabric manufacturer China The quilt is light and soft when used, but many quilts will stick to a certain degree of stain after...Read More
Little knowledge about magnetic mattresses
Release on 2018-09-14Mattress fabric manufacuturer China  Introduction of magnetic mattress Magnetic mattress is a kind of mattress popular in the worl...Read More
Excessive formaldehyde: Does the coir mattress contain formaldehyde?
Release on 2018-09-13Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China Recently, the news has frequently reported that the formaldehyde contained in the mattress...Read More