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industry news and material news

The reason why the mattress has a tast
Release on 2018-08-21Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory Some consumers responded that their newly purchased mattresses have been placed for sev...Read More
Introduction of water mattress
Release on 2018-08-20Cheapest mattress fabric supplier china  In today's economic market, the competition in all walks of life is very large, and ...Read More
The source of the mattress insects
Release on 2018-08-17Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier The mattress is easy to grow insects. It is the key to find the source. The following a...Read More
Instructions for use of air mattress
Release on 2018-08-16Mattress fabric wholesales china (1) remember not to aerate too full (especially in summer), do not carry on too intense motion on the bed, otherwise ...Read More
Check air mattress
Release on 2018-08-15China Mattress protector supplier After a few days of use, the air leakage rate of the air mattress was found to be significantly accel...Read More
Thick mattress is good or thin mattress is good
Release on 2018-08-14Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory 1. Thick mattress, thin mattress thickness Depending on the physical condition of each ...Read More
Pay attention to choosing mattresses
Release on 2018-08-13Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplierFor the elderly whose bones begin to degenerate, the choice of mattress is recommended t...Read More
Common elderly mattress
Release on 2018-08-10Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier 1. Practical brown mattress Some families give mattresses for plant fibers that like to...Read More
How to identify the quality of the mattress
Release on 2018-08-09Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China (1) How to identify the quality of latex mattresses Latex mattresses are one of the most f...Read More
Pregnant women mattress purchase advice
Release on 2018-08-08Printing  warp knitted fabric supplier 1. Consider the weight of the pregnant woman The weight of the pregnant woman decides ...Read More
Choosing the right mattress: several taboos for pregnant women sleeping on the mattress
Release on 2018-08-07Home textile fabrics manufacturer For pregnant mothers during pregnancy, it is better to have a comfortable rest place, but as the gestational age inc...Read More
How to choose a children's mattress?
Release on 2018-08-06Mattress fabric of Baby designs factory China The babies are intimately in contact with the mattress every day, spending most of the day in bed, so i...Read More
3d mattress purchase tips
Release on 2018-08-03Print Microfiber mattress fabrics (1) Breathability and hygroscopicity. The 3D mattress is breathable, which is an indelible fact, but when choosing a...Read More
3D mattress
Release on 2018-08-03Mattress fabric manufacturer China A mattress made of 3D material, which is made up of multi-layered 3D materials, with a velvet inner sleeve and a fi...Read More
A great way to get rid of mildew on your mattress
Release on 2018-08-01Mattress satin fabric manufacturer china China Mattress protector supplier Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier Many people think that the furn...Read More
More reasons for mildew in the mattress
Release on 2018-07-31Mattress fabric manufacturer China The mildew of the mattress is more common in life. The mold is not unsanitary on the mattress, and it is easy to c...Read More
Do you know when to change the mattress?
Release on 2018-07-30Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China    Mattress border fabric supplier    China Mattress components factory Shouldn't you chan...Read More
Maintenance tips for mattresses when in use
Release on 2018-07-27Mattress satin fabric manufacturer china Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory 1. mattress maintenanc...Read More
Tips: Timely cleaning the mattress can not be less
Release on 2018-07-26Mattress fabric wholesales china Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier Home textile fabrics manufacturer Washing sheets and washing quilts is a...Read More
Five standards for quality mattresses
Release on 2018-07-25Spring matterss jacquard fabric factory Mattress felt factory china Mattress fabric wholesales china The bed is the closest and longest-lasting piec...Read More