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What is the method of choosing a mattress? How can I choose a good mattress?

hya hya.com 2019-01-23 14:49:19

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A large part of the comfort of the bedroom bed is determined by the mattress, and the mattresses sold on the market are dazzling, and the quality is also uneven. If the buyer wants to buy a suitable and high quality mattress, It is necessary to learn some methods of selection. So what is the method of mattress selection? How can I choose a good mattress? Let's take a closer look.

What is the method of choosing a mattress?
1, smell
When you buy a mattress, you can smell it first. If it has a pungent smell, it means it is a poor quality product. It is best not to buy it. Generally speaking, mattresses made of natural materials, such as common mountain brown and pure latex pads, are all green products, but because of the high cost, the price is not cheap. In order to reduce costs, some unscrupulous merchants will add polyurethane compounds or plastic foam mats with excessive formaldehyde content to pretend to be natural mattresses. This kind of counterfeit products contain more harmful substances, which is extremely unhealthy for health, so it must be purchased. To evade.

2, see soft and hard
The specifications of the mattress are not the same, there are big and small, so when buying, be sure to choose different types of mattress according to different height and weight. In addition, you need to consider the degree of hardness when purchasing. If the user is heavy, you can choose a slightly harder mattress. For those who are lighter, it is suitable for softer mattresses.

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3, touch the texture
The surface of the mattress usually has a layer of fabric, and the fabric can be inspected by hand to check the texture and comfort of the fabric. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the tightness of the fabric is consistent, whether there is a large wrinkle on the surface, whether there are floating lines, jumpers, etc., especially around the fabric, no burrs may appear.

4, try to lie (China Mattress protector supplier
Everyone's sleep habits are different, and the usual sleeping posture is different, so when choosing a mattress, feel free to use your favorite sleeping position to feel on the mattress to get the best comfort. If you are used to sleeping on the side, you can try a mattress with a support function, so that the shoulders and buttocks are trapped in the bed, providing support for other parts of the body. If you are used to sleeping on your back, it is very important to support the neck and waist. At this time, you can choose some slightly stiffer mattresses so that these body parts do not get too deep.

All in all, a quality mattress can provide a more comfortable and healthy sleeping environment, so be careful when choosing, and master some purchasing techniques to avoid those inferior products.