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Is the mattress good? just lie down and you know!

hya hya.com 2019-01-22 11:09:43

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1. Is the texture of the mattress soft or hard?
According to experience, it seems that young people are more inclined to buy softer mattresses, while middle-aged and older people prefer harder mattresses. How should the hardness of mattresses be chosen? 70 kg for the boundary, light weight can choose a soft mattress, heavy weight can sleep a strong support mattress. The mattress is best to be moderately soft and hard, which needs to be considered from height and weight.

2. How to judge whether the mattress is moderately soft for yourself?

When buying a mattress, many people can't let go of it. Sorry to try the mattress in the store, but just use the knee to test on the mattress. This method of purchase is wrong. Nowadays, some mattresses have been partitioned, and the hardness of each part is different. It is impossible to replace the sleepiness requirements of various parts of the body with the leg pressure test, and it is not felt whether the mattress is suitable for oneself. Therefore, when you buy a mattress, you must lie on the mattress and experience it for yourself.

Lying flat on the mattress, the hand is stretched in the direction of the three clearly curved areas between the neck, the waist and the lower back of the hip to the thigh, to see if there is any gap; then turn to the side and try to sag the body curve in the same way. There is no gap between the part and the mattress. If not, it proves that the mattress fits perfectly with the natural curve of your neck, back, waist, hips and legs during sleep. Such a mattress is soft and moderate for you. of.

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3. Is the mattress more expensive and the better?

The price of mattresses of different brands can vary greatly. Even if the same raw materials are used for production, the price on the market will fluctuate from several thousand to several tens of thousands. As the saying goes, one penny is worth the price, then the mattress Is the more expensive the better? The "high price mattress" is just a promotional gimmick for the business. Most of the mattress raw materials and production process are not very different. Of course, the production of big brands is more secure. The durability, service life and detail design will pay more attention to it, but it is not the more expensive, or the feeling of lying down during the purchase. The comfort is more practical.

4. How to judge the quality of the mattress?

Three strokes will be fixed: one look, two pressures, three listens.
Look at the appearance of the mattress is even and thin, the surface is flat, the line marks are well-proportioned, and there is no certificate; first test the diagonal of the mattress with your hand, then evenly test the surface of the mattress (preferably lie down and feel), filler distribution Uniform, rebound-balanced mattress quality; finally flapping the mattress to listen to the sound (for spring mattresses), good elasticity, and a slightly uniform spring sound is better. (Microfiber mattress fabrics  China supplier)

5. The more springs the bed is, the better?

Just talked about spring mattresses, spring mattresses are now a type of mattress that is used more in the home, and the performance is also outstanding. The advantages are good elasticity, good detachability, strong breathability and durability. As far as the spring mattress is concerned, is the more springs the better the performance?

The mattress is not selected by the number of springs, and the focus is on the quality of the spring itself. The quality of a spring mattress cannot be judged by the number of springs, but by the quality of the spring itself. In addition to the basic necessary support, a good spring mattress should have good resilience and no obvious noise when pressed.