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China cheapest brush microfiber fabricChina cheapest brush microfiber fabricChina cheapest brush microfiber fabric

China cheapest brush microfiber fabric

  • Material: 100% polyester
  • Width: 210-280CM
  • Weight: 60-120gsm
  • Supply capacity: 100 billion meters / month
  • Color: to meet the requirements
  • Technology: printing and dyeing, dyeing
  • Example: send samples for free
  • Packaging: package
  • Payment: LC, DA, DP, TT and so on


100% polyester




Spring nets / sponge / foam mattress fabrics curtain cover fabric bedding textile fabrics




60-120 gsm

Supply capacity

Million meters / month


as requested


Printing, dyeing


sample Free to send


roll package


LC, DA , DP, TT and so on

Polyester brush microfiber fabric, soft touch, colorful, cheap, widely used in spring mat, quilted, sponge foam, home textiles, bedding, more than 5,000 styles for you to choose from.

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China mattress brush fabric

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9. Samples can be sent freely .
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Our products are ANTI SLIP FABRIC, the material is 100% polyester, suitable for sofas, home textiles, mattresses, furniture, cushions, etc., 150-290 meters long. It is characterized by soft, smooth, comfortable, strong, not easy to deform and slippery. ANTI SLIP FABRIC has a variety of colors, we can send samples for free!

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