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How to deal with heavy polluted linen in the laundry room?

hya hya.com 2019-01-18 14:49:40

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First: Make a pre-decontamination of the sheets and quilts that need to be washed. It is to apply a highly decontaminated detergent to the heavily polluted items. The detergent should be selected to be targeted, and the corresponding detergent should be selected according to the different pollutants. After smearing, place it next to it, wait for other less polluted sheets to be washed, and finally put them into the industrial washing machine for strong washing. (Spring mattress felt pad supplier)

Second: When washing the sheets and quilt cover these white objects, do not use bleach more. Remember to be appropriate. If it is too much, it will reduce the service life of the sheets. Generally, we recommend that the 50kg automatic washing machine should not be used. To 1 gram of bleach, that is, 45 kg of dry items. Rinse the water several times after washing.

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Third: It is recommended that when the staff in the washing room puts in the sheets and are placed in the inner tube of the large washing equipment, don't put them all in one time. Try to put the sheets and quilts in the washing before putting them in, do not wash them. Wrapped together before, so the detergent does not easily penetrate into it. Reduce the degree of entanglement of the sheets and quilt cover, so that the washing effect is better, it is easier to rinse the water, and it is easy to wash.