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Why use cotton bedding in autumn and winter?

hya hya.com 2019-01-28 14:01:03

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We all know that in the summer we will use Tencel and silk bedding, because these beddings are icy and silky. So what should we use in winter? You have a variety of velvet fabrics on the market, but do you know? In fact, many velvet fabrics are made of polyester, such as velvet, diamond velvet and so on.

In winter, it is best to use pure cotton quilt cover, and it is better to use high-quality cotton fabric such as combed cotton and long-staple cotton. why?

1.No static electricity

At present, in addition to pure cotton sanding and Tencel sanding, other velvets are basically polyester fabrics. One characteristic of this fabric is that the electrostatic reaction is particularly obvious in a dry environment. Long-term exposure to static electricity can cause anxiety, headache, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and coughing.

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2. Keep warmer

Among all natural fabrics, the warmth of cotton is better. Cotton is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, and has a very low heat transfer coefficient, so it has better heat retention. If it is after the sanding process, the static air between the fluff increases the warmth, so the cotton sanding is a winter warm weapon.

3. Natural environmental protection (Mattress fabric wholesales china)

Cotton fiber is a natural fiber. Its main component is cellulose. After thousands of years of testing, cotton does not have any stimulating effect on the human body. Unlike polyester fabrics, many people will develop allergic reactions. Moreover, cotton is a kind of fabric that is resistant to washing, so it is convenient to clean it frequently and it is one of the elements to ensure the cleaning of the quilt.

4. Moisturizing comfort

Dry in the winter, the skin will inevitably have some uncomfortable phenomenon, as the quilt cover fabric should have a certain moisture retention, while the cotton has good moisture absorption and super high moisture retention, and the cotton has excellent skin-friendly properties, so the winter cover is pure You will feel very comfortable with the quilt cover.