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How long do we have to sleep to be healthy?

hya hya.com 2019-01-15 14:12:26

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I know that sleep is very important for women, but how long does it take for a woman to sleep in a day is a healthy sleep time? This may not be clear to many people. Let's take a look at it together! Milk is good for sleep. This is a scientific basis. Milk contains tryptophan and peptides that can calm the nerves of the human body, which can promote the production of hypnotic substances in the human body to a certain extent, making people sleepy. At the same time, hot milk can give people calcium and calories. Drinking a cup before going to bed can effectively relieve women's symptoms of insomnia.

In fact, sleeping is not on the pillow, cover the quilt and close your eyes, then open your eyes and wake up so simple, it is a complicated gradual process. Why do we sometimes wake up magically to restore strength, but sometimes it feels more tired than before going to bed? This is caused by the difference in depth and state of sleep.

Are the heads often "empty" or drowsy during the day? Is it always difficult to get up from the bed on Monday morning? If so, you will definitely conclude: "I am not getting enough sleep!"

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The harm caused by lack of sleep, I believe we are familiar with: poor energy, slow response, memory loss, decreased immunity, and even premature aging of the body.

Those who wake up at night or wake up before they have fully rested, their sleep rhythm is very confusing. Only when the 4-5 deep sleep is fully performed, the physiological function of the human body can be fully obtained. Repair, the immune system can be strengthened, and energy can be fully supplemented. Prolonging sleep time does not necessarily make up for your lack of sleep. On the contrary, if you stay in bed, you don't get high quality sleep. This is harmful to the human body, it can even shorten your life.

This vicious cycle goes on and on, and the result is that your sleep system is weakened. The physiological rest period is disrupted, the body does not get enough energy, and your immunity is reduced. It is a truth to sleep too much and eat too much.
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Those who sleep more are not because they need to sleep for a long time, but because they don't take good care of their sleep system, which causes the system to be weakened and unable to work efficiently. When they feel that they lack vitality during the day, they often think: "I slept too little, I have to sleep more." Instead of asking myself: "Is my sleep quality not good enough? How can I improve it?"

In fact, for those who wake up naturally after only sleeping for 6 or 7 hours, if you wake up, don't lay hard for 8 hours. As long as you feel clear-headed and feel good, you can get up and relax. For those who have long felt that they have insufficient sleep and have not enough sleep, you should be strict with yourself, adjust the alarm clock, and control the sleep time and cycle regularly. It’s a good idea to sleep too much and eat too much. If you eat eight full, maybe it’s the healthiest. Therefore, even if you feel sleepy after the point, you should convince yourself not to stay in bed again.