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"Junk sleep" like junk food, is a human health killer

hya hya.com 2018-05-14 11:23:13
"Junk sleep" like junk food, Is a human health killer 

Sleeping too little and sleeping too much is not good, and even if you guarantee the sleep time, it does not mean that your sleep is of good quality. The so-called "garbage sleep", simply put, means that sleep time and quality are not satisfactory. In this era of faster and faster pace of life, is the phenomenon of "junk sleep" more likely than ever?

"The phenomenon of 'spam sleep' is indeed increasing and becoming more and more serious. This is mainly due to indulging in online games, playing with mobile phones, watching videos, working at night and working at high pressures, often working late at night, and increasing the number of people with sleep disorders. Relevant.” Director Zhu said that in daily life, middle schools and college students are vulnerable to the temptation of mobile phones and online games and cannot sleep on time, resulting in “junk sleep”, which leads to poor energy during the day, low learning efficiency, and decline in academic performance. The resistance is low; while those who work at night or stay up late work overtime have irregular sleep awakening time, they are prone to “spam” and affect work efficiency and physical health.

"Junk sleep" and "junk food" were once the two biggest killers of adolescents' health. What worries us is that this type of sleep has gradually evolved from adolescents to white-collar workers, middle-aged people, and even the elderly. In addition to habitual hair loss, the sudden emergence of beer belly, doing things are always thrown away, shouting loudly sounded ... "Junk sleep" on the health of our harm, even worse than we thought.

“Most people with sleep disorders, such as insomnia, nightmare disorders, obstructive sleep apnea-hypopnea syndrome, restless legs syndrome, sleep disorders caused by substances or drugs, and so on, all have problems with decreased sleep quality. "Junk sleep" will greatly affect our physical and mental health, as well as our daily life and work ability," said Pan Zhuren.

It is not difficult to have a good night's sleep. In addition to reducing the dependence on electronic products before bedtime, it also includes a sleepless bed, no coffee after 16:30, no protein intake after 9 pm, and no sleep before bedtime. Drink alcohol, etc. If you can't sleep and don't lie hard, you can get up and do some light things before you try to sleep again.

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