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"Junk sleep" is worse than insomnia?

hya hya.com 2018-05-12 15:45:40
"Junk sleep" is worse than insomnia? 

Snoring does not mean that you sleep well. Sleep violence is also very bad. You may get oversleeping with high mortality if you fall asleep... A Japanese study showed that people who sleep for 7 hours a day can live the longest and sleep more. The higher the rate, the more people who have to sleep more than 9 hours a day may have physical problems. As the foundation of survival, sleep is closely related to our lives. 

Over the years, sleep experts around the world are looking for sleep rules that are truly fit for humans. In addition to the “secret of the biological clock” that won the Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine, there are many scientists on the path to sleep research. Different discoveries. For example, according to a report from the National Institutes of Health, people who get 8 hours of sleep every night react best, and if they sleep for 6 hours every night for 2 weeks, they are forced to open two nights. The amazing thing about the study is that people who sleep for 6 hours per night think that they have enough sleep. In fact, their physical function and cognition go from bad to unconscious. Although they do not feel drowsy, their functional response will be worse and worse. . 

Too little sleep is not conducive to health, too much to sleep. Some time ago coincided with the annual "World Sleep Day", the concept of "garbage sleep", which was investigated by the British Sleep Commission, once again caused academic debate. "Junk sleep" corresponds to "junk food", and specifically refers to the problem of lack of sleep time and low quality of sleep. 

If your situation meets the following points, unfortunately, your sleep may also be classified as "junk". 

1. Sleep while watching TV, listening to music, or playing video games; 

2. Force yourself to go to bed at the "time" and get up in the morning, and this time "point" is always adjusted; 

3. After waking up in nature, I think I'll be forced to extend my sleep time. 

4. Do not sleep at night, make up for it during the day and make up for the weekend. 

5. The work pressure is heavy, and it needs to work overtime at night, and fall asleep immediately after the end of high-intensity work.

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