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Against workplace stress

hya hya,com 2018-05-24 14:28:51

Against workplace stress 

Core Tip: With great energy, we can resist the invasion of workplace pressure. Sleep is an important guarantee. With adequate sleep as a guarantee, any workplace, life pressure is nothing to say! So how can we have high quality sleep? Experts of the American Psychological Society give the following ingenious tips: 
Sleep decompression

If outside noise makes it difficult for you to sleep, artificially create some "white noise", such as letting the TV keep whispering, overshadowed by unpleasant noise.

A small amount of small snacks before going to bed, only a little will not get fat, so that at night will not wake up because of hunger.

Tuna, turkey, bananas, hot milk, herbal teas and other foods can all be hypnotic. Fatty, spicy foods can make you sleepless during digestion.

If you are still thinking about things after going to bed, put a tape recorder, notepad, or something on the bedside. In this way, what you think of can be immediately recorded, and you don't have to worry about waking up the next day and forgetting about it. 

Don't envy colleagues who brag about how stressful they are, lack of sleep, and lack of time. Remind yourself that maybe one day you will attend their funeral, or at least go to the hospital to visit them.

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