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Treatment of insomnia: the importance of sleep

hya hya.net 2018-03-01 09:59:58
Treatment of insomnia: the importance of sleep

Now people's life pressure is growing, and sleep problems have become a lot of people's troubles.

If your sleep is not very good, then you must be vigilant. Because sleep is not a small thing, it is closely related to your health. following hyaChina Mattress cover supplier ) will introduce you to some sleep, I believe you will have a new understanding of sleep.

Eliminate fatigue and restore physical strength: sleep is the main way to eliminate physical fatigue. Because of the gastrointestinal function and related organs during sleep, the energy material of the human body is synthesized and manufactured for the purpose of activity. In addition, as the temperature, heart rate, blood pressure drop, respiratory and partial endocrine decrease, make the basal metabolic rate decrease, so as to restore the physical strength.

Protect the brain and restore energy: those with less sleep are characterized by fidgety, excitement or depression, distraction, memory loss and so on. Long-term lack of sleep can lead to hallucinations. And those who have plenty of sleep are full of energy, quick thinking and high efficiency. This is because the oxygen consumption of the brain is greatly reduced in the state of sleep, which is beneficial to the storage of brain cells. Therefore, sleep is beneficial to the protection of the brain and the improvement of brain power.

Enhance immunity and rehabilitate the body: under normal circumstances, human body can produce antibodies to various kinds of antigens that are invaded, and remove them through immune reaction, so as to protect human health. Sleep can enhance the body's ability to produce antibodies, thereby enhancing the body's resistance; and sleep can also accelerate the self - recovery of the organs and organs. In modern medicine, sleep is often used as a treatment to help patients through the most painful period, in favor of the recovery of the disease.

To promote the growth and development: development is closely related to sleep and growth of children, infants after birth in quite a long period of time, to continue the development of brain, this process cannot do without sleep; and the children's growth rate in the state of sleep increased, becausemorpheusperiod plasma growth hormone can be maintained at a high level for several hours. Therefore, we should ensure that children have enough sleep to ensure their growth and development.

Delaying senility and promoting longevity: in recent years, many research data have shown that a healthy and long - lived elderly person has a good and normal sleep. Life is like a burning flame, burning and regular life lasting; if the fluctuated combustion shortens, make people die. Sleep time is just like the least degree of flame burning, so it can delay aging and keep life long.

Protect the mental health of the person: sleep is important to protect the mental health of the person and to maintain the normal mental activity of the human. Because a short period of sleep is poor, attention lax, and a long time can cause unreasonable thinking and other abnormal conditions.

It is good for skin beauty: in the process of sleep, the circulation of skin capillary is increased, its secretion and clearance process is strengthened, and skin regeneration is accelerated, so sleep is good for skin beauty.

Lack of sleep can be improved through a variety of ways, and changing your sleep environment is probably the most effective one. Turn off the lights that make you feel glare, burn aromatherapy candles in your bedroom, and change to a comfortable mattress, so that the body is in the most relaxed state, and falling asleep can also become very easy. As the most professional mattress manufacturer, we recommend it to you.

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