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Prince William was in the focus of a new haircut prevention of alopecia starts with a good night

hya hya.net 2018-01-19 23:35:18
Prince William was at the center of a new hairstyle   prevention of alopecia starts with a good night's sleep

Overseas network on January 19, the British Prince William local time Thursday (18 days) to attend the event in London, and work in the United Kingdom National Health Bureau of retired soldiers, and a children's hospital to meet young patients, the external focus is on the new type of Prince William.

According to the BBC and other British media reports, the photos showed that Prince William cut his hair short and clearly showed no hair on his crown. Jo Mills, the famous British barber, believes that the future King's decision to show his new appearance in such a public place shows great confidence. Mills said in an interview: "For a long time, especially in the Internet and in the media, the comment is about his hair loss and he loses his hair, I think it's good for him, and I think he looks great."

Earlier in 2014, Kate had jokingly suggested that a bunch of alpaca hairline might be perfect for her husband's withdrawal solution. William and her husband and wife visited the annual Royal Easter exhibition in Sydney and enjoyed the scissors show and the interaction with animals. When the exhibitor took a bunch of Alpaca color close to William's hair, Kate joked at her husband's head and said, "You need it more than I do."

For many men who are faced with hair loss, the decision to shave off the remaining hair is not what they want to consider, according to the British media review. Perhaps Prince William's new look will inspire other people who are plagued with the same.

The cause of hair loss is for various reasons, and sleep problems are one of the main reasons. Frequent insomnia can easily lead to hair loss. If you are also confronted with hair loss, check that your sleep is satisfied, so you may have hair loss.

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