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Spring VS Brown pad: which mattress is better ?

hya hya.net 2018-01-18 22:18:47
Spring VS Brown pad: which mattress is better ?

Spring mattress is a kind of mattress commonly used by people. The stuffing of mattress is mainly made up of springs. The spring mattress has many advantages, such as elasticity and good supporting property, strong permeability and durability, which make people rely on it more. While the brown brown coconut and palm mat mainly two kinds of materials, including coconut palm mattress is soft, the palm fiber mattress is hard, full palm mattress and palm palm mattress is compiled, its hardness is between two.

However, people of different weight groups have different needs. Many people don't know much about their specific mattress. Today, Yu Yan helps you to lock your own mattress. Now let's have a look at the spring mattress.

The spring mattress spring mattress has three main categories: independent cylinder spring, connecting spring and first line steel spring. Among them, the independent cylinder spring mattress is one of the most popular spring mattresses at present. A single bed net that operates independently of each spring is arranged in a separate bag spring, and one person or a waking up will not affect another person's sleep. The nine partition design makes the body curve perfectly match with the mattress, balancing the force of every part of the body, reducing the pressure of the neck and waist, and getting comfortable support, and quickening the sleep of the sleeping person, improving the sleep quality of the human body. The latter two have not been adopted by people, so today, we mainly compare the independent spring mattress with the whole brown mattress. As follows:

Coconut palm mattress is a mattress made of coconut shell and outer fiber as raw material. The best advantage is that it is cool in winter and cool in summer, but its air permeability is better, but its air permeability is poor. While spring mattress is not only good in permeability and moisture absorption, but also better in elasticity than coconut palm mattress, and its resilience is better. Relatively, the coconut palm mattress is softer and suitable for middle-aged people who are in good health. The spring mattress is moderate in hardness and suitable for all kinds of people with different weights.

Disadvantages: coconut palm mattress is not easy to maintain, high requirements of the indoor environment, easy to damp bacteria and dust mites, relatively speaking, a spring mattress is not these problems, maintenance is easy, and can regularly flip ventilation, good air permeability, can prevent the breeding of bacteria and mite mattress.

PK mountain palm mattress spring mattress ( Springs for mattress  supplier)

There are 100% pure natural mountain palm mattress made of palm, its permeability is better, more lasting elastic, more durable, but the hardness is hard, suitable for children and old people, the more limited. For spring mattress, people can adapt to different age groups. It can adapt to different positions of people with different weight and sleep. It can fit the curve of human body, so that the sleeper can relax physically and mentally, sleep better, and has moderate hardness and wide application range.

Disadvantages: mountain palm mattress is easy to produce odor smell, if you need to put a vent in the sun for 3 hours or more, or placed in a cool ventilated place for about a month, the smell will disappear. Remember to keep in mind the prevention of formaldehyde, many businesses to increase the hardness of the mattress, the excessive addition of formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals, thereby endangering the health of the human body. Spring mattress is not easy to produce peculiar smell, good air permeability and fast discharge of odor and moisture.

Spring mattress PK all brown mattress

The palm mattress made of natural fiber woven, air permeability and moisture absorption is poor, but its excellent toughness and moderate hardness, suitable for different weight groups, but compared with the spring mattress, the less elastic, elastic fatigue, regular turnover frequency is higher, generally about 1 and a half full palm mattress turning once, spring mattress it is turning once, 3 months, relatively speaking, the latter is more easy maintenance.

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