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The solution to snoring

hya hya.com 2018-02-27 13:42:50
The solution to snoring 

Snoring is divided into benign snoring and malignant snoring. Sound snoring is uniform and regular. Snoring, the medical sleep apnea syndrome, is not only a big snoring sound, but also a pause in the breathing. Experts point out that people with sleep apnea syndrome can cause hypertension, myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular accident, diabetes and so on, and even sudden death in sleep. So what happens when you sleep at night and snoring?

Bedtime do not engage in exciting activities: bedtime activities best in gently, don't let the mood is too high, because the nerve will not immediately relax, make the night unable to rest firm and secure.

Proper use of proper pillows, sleeping on the back or sleeping on the floor will make the airway less smooth. When the side is asleep, the loose muscles will tend to one side, and will not block the respiratory tract.

Avoid smoking, drinking and stimulant drugs. Smoking, drinking and stimulant drugs can make the muscles more relaxed and more likely to block the respiratory tract.

The fat person's nasal polyp is usually more hypertrophic, and the meat in the throat and nose is also thicker, and it is more likely to block the respiratory tract.

Pay attention to daily habits. Not to take drugs before bedtime, so as not to aggravate the inhibition of the regulation of the respiratory center. Patients after surgery to diet, do not eat hot food. Avoid intense activity.

Take the lateral position of sleep posture, especially in the right lateral position should be avoided in the sleep tongue, soft palate, uvula relaxation after the fall, aggravation of upper airway obstruction. During sleep back backing a small ball, helps to maintain the lateral position of sleep mandatory.

The snoring phenomenon must have a correct understanding, don't think that is mild snoring began to neglect, right awareness, active prevention, professional treatment is the best choice, the above measures can only help you reduce snoring symptoms, want to have a comprehensive and comfortable sleep, snoring will cure it is the key.

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