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How to decorate the interior of your own house

hya hya.com 2018-02-28 10:08:23
How to decorate the interior of your own house  
the experience after designing my own room

We are now living a lot of pressure, especially after buying a house, the economic pressure will suddenly increase, then we would need to do other things in the house decoration very careful in reckoning, people usually find some professional design, so it is very expensive, we can also design yourself.

We generally feel that their own house decoration design should be very unrealistic, because there is no professional knowledge, in fact is not a professional design we can not get out, as long as you have a certain degree of confidence, can make their own, and save money, I said their renovation experience, reference.

First, the decoration materials is very simple, we can go to your city in the decoration market, as long as you have the patience to engage in bargaining, you can do a good job, my own single floor just because they make the price of saving thousands of people to save money, find more than friends, not to mention many projects.

Second, we do more difficult to estimate when the design drawings, but as long as you have the perseverance, can find and learning on the Internet, so you can quickly make their own design, but no more than professional, because internet professionals and more, see this kind of articles and information on it.

Third, you need to know how to determine the specific needs of the decoration, and your family love what kind of design style, design some love pastoral style, and also some Mediterranean style, of course, more and more people love the European style is clear, you can start.

Fourth, many people do not consider the decoration of furniture decoration and style, this is wrong, we should choose according to their own Fangxing furniture decoration, according to the overall style choice of furniture, then we can be found on the Internet and your room is about the size of apartment layout for reference.

Fifth, in fact, after my own decoration, the most important experience is interior design. It's the installation of switches and sockets. We must consider the height of sockets and the location of sockets.

Sixth, home decoration of their own home, the best according to the inside of the case directly to the furniture and home appliances, is designed, the whole family will feel better, at present there are a lot of family Baidu design, we can refer to, and then the decoration plan according to their own situation!

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