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Why do we suffer from insomnia and how to cope with insomnia?

hya hya.net 2018-03-02 10:17:31
Why do we suffer from insomnia and how
 to cope with insomnia?

Never before insomnia, I do not know how to start insomnia. My friend also sleepless, he is very good state of mind, insomnia, so much time. I do not have such a good state of mind, my mother is also insomnia, decades, how to do well, or how to relax, frankly face!

Music is the spiritual antidote recommended an album "magic alpha wave subconscious therapy sleep", you can go online search, very useful. There is about 1/3 of the time for sleep in a person's life, so it is an indispensable need of life for everyone. Listen to the music, feel at home by the sea, stepping on the soft beach, watching the tidal waves on the sea rushing to foot, the voice is so clear and bright, and is so gentle and pleasant, a sea breeze blowing, a smell is an algae smell, slowly your intuition, all the cool. I wonder if the other seashore in the world is as tender as the hometown.

Dietotherapy is the best sleeping pill, in addition to listening to music and heart accident, diet is the best sleeping pill. A lot of food in life has the characteristics of medicine and food. Like bananas, watermelon diuresis, ganoderma polysaccharide is to improve the sleep of the medicine food homologous food. Ganoderma polysaccharides recover to normal by regulating nerve - endocrine - immune regulation disorder, thus blocking the vicious cycle of neurasthenia and insomnia, and improving sleep. It can also significantly improve the immunity of the patient's body. Therefore, supplementation of Chyn polysaccharide without side effects is more effective than sleeping pills, because sleeping pills are dependent, just as you fall in love with a person, once you fall in love, it is hard to get rid of it.

The spirit of delightfulness dominates everything, and sleep is the same. To maintain a happy and optimistic mood, you can maintain the stability of the nervous system. When you fall asleep, you should avoid too much worry, anxiety, and try to lighten the burden of mind. It's a comfortable mood and a loose body.

Massage on the body of the sleep Yintang (in the middle of the two eyebrows) soft every 1 minutes --2 minutes every night, with the thumb, rub on both sides of the temple, in 1 minutes --2 minutes. Secondly, rub hands with two thumb pressed back on both sides of the neck depression Fengchi with slight sense of soreness is appropriate, and with alternate hands fingers palm beat his forehead and face (remember to slightly PAT), slight agile beat 1-2 minutes. Both hands and hands rub the heat, immediately use the palm to massage the forehead and face over 36 times.

It is very important to strengthen the exercise to improve physical fitness, because the inhibitory sleep on the brain in the first movement of the first movement in the form of physical fatigue, contributes to the inhibition produced in some physical labor, such as proper running, walking, hiking, cycling, promote blood circulation. It is really good to cooperate with the tannin polysaccharide.

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