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Insomnia in April is more likely to cause depression

hya hya.com 2018-04-12 10:01:41
Insomnia in April is more likely to cause depression

They all said that 'the world will not live well in April'. But behind the big source there are also many uncertainties that require attention. Experts from the Sleep Research Center recalled: "Spring is the most common season for most mental illnesses, and depression is most prominent, because of the changing weather in spring, human brain hormones and the corresponding neurotransmitters-5-hydroxytryptamine, norepinephrine, the reduction of dopamine and other abnormalities in human neuroendocrine lead to depression. "

Experts from the Sleep Research Center pointed out that depression can be detected early by self-test and observations of both sleep and emotions, such as early waking, insomnia and insomnia, are among the most important diagnostic symptoms of depression. Some depressed patients wake up at 3 or 4 points a day and can no longer sleep; some sleep in bed every night, unable to sleep. Without good sleep there is of course no good mental state and emotions will also decrease.

Experts from the Sleep Research Center continue to point out that 60% of depressed patients get the phenomenon of 'morning morning' and 'wake-up' on their emotions, which is also a characteristic performance of patients with depression. For most people there is a lot of energy in the morning. After a busy working day, the mind is relatively poor at night. However, patients with partial depression are the exact opposite. Some patients may feel that the spirit of the morning is bad, but in the evening the mind is excited, this is a unique phenomenon of depression. If this happens and it takes a certain period, you can in principle determine that you are suffering from depression. You must seek professional help to relieve the symptoms. 

Rehabilitation treatment for depression is mainly to encourage patients to participate in physical exercise, rehabilitation training, social activities, tourism, etc. Through proper exercise, the body can secrete a large amount of dopamine, which gives people a sense of pleasure. In addition, appropriate social activities can stimulate the patient to communicate with the outside world, broaden their social environment and thereby shift their attention and gradually improve the symptoms of depression. The treatment of depression, such as the combination of medication, psychotherapy and rehabilitation, can both speed up the recovery of patients and reduce the chance of recurrence in the future.

A study published in the American Journal of Behavioral Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry showed that a sleep time of less than 8 hours per night increases the risk of anxiety and depression. Experts from the Sleep Research Center have finally reminded us to build a good sleeping environment as circumstances allow, and consider natural environmental protection as the best choice for mattresses and other cooking utensils and return to nature for a good night's rest before they fall asleep and stay healthy!

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