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How do the office workers preserve their health

hya hya.net 2018-03-13 20:11:57
How do the office workers preserve their health

For working people, the pressure is big, often stay up late, lack of exercise, lack of sleep, this is the most easy to appear all kinds of diseases, but also feel tired. Health knowledge experts believe that there is not a good body, not enough to talk about the struggle. So today we will popularize the common sense of health care for the workers, and hope that everyone can return to their health. There are a lot of small plants on the desk.

It is found that when the indoor temperature is at 18 -25 C and the humidity is 45%-65%, the human body and thinking are in the best state. Therefore, on the desk of some plants is very good, green, Fuguizhu, Narcissus and other aquatic plants help keep humidity, support two small goldfish with coins grass in a small bowl, the natural evaporation of water vapor will form a natural "oxygen bar", and aloe, small pot less computer radiation. In a word, the desk can be disposed more healthily and alleviated visual fatigue.

Working people sit in the air-conditioned room every day, do not exercise, it is necessary to pay more attention to the maintenance of humidity. It is very important to replenish the appropriate moisturizing fruits and vegetables every day, regulate the body's moisture from inside and outside. The water content of vegetables and fruits is generally over 70%. Lettuce, cucumbers, grapes, white radishes, grapes, pears, apples and citrus are all nourishing and dry fruits and vegetables.

When the weather is cold and dry, more attention should be paid to the protection of the skin. It is better to change the cleanliness to a more mild type. Because of the dry air, the skin becomes very sensitive, so the wash milk, the shower gel and so on are not used with abrasive particles, and changed to a mild type of texture. Besides, even though the temperature is low, it is not possible to wash the skin with too much water. Hot water will destroy the sebum membrane of the skin, reduce the water retention ability of the epidermis, especially stimulate the facial microvascular dilatation, making people feel more dry and itchy.

Maybe you never know, drinking water is also exquisite. When you drink, you have to drink small mouth, this and "eat less eat more" have the same place. Don't take too much mouth at once, or your body can't absorb it effectively. Poor circulation of the body, the channels and collaterals easy to block people, should not drink too much water too urgent, this will cause the body is not adapted, or even cause edema.

The daily intake of too much nutritious food is far beyond the nutritional limits of the body itself. Therefore, the proportion of vegetarian diet is the best for working people in 80%. Meat and fish are mainly fish and shrimps, followed by beef and mutton, and eat coarse grains and beans and their products. High - fat, high - calorie foods are as low as possible and should be longer in intervals.

Pick a good mattress. Sleep is an important time to regulate the body's function, so it is necessary to ensure good sleep. Office workers are very stressed during the day. If they don't sleep comfortably on the mattress at night, it will be difficult for the muscles to relax, for a long time, they may also suffer from cervical spondylosis and lumbar spondylosis.
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