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Fabric reengineering has a higher artistic effect for the finished fabric

hya hya.net 2018-03-12 10:12:06
Fabric reengineering has a higher artistic effect for the finished fabric

If the fabric is magic, it is the only magic can the most simple elements have also done magnificent. The same elements are reused on a piece of fabric, turning to fabric reengineering, giving a sense of different clothes.

The fabric can not only explain the style and characteristics of the clothing, but also directly affect the color and shape of the clothing. The general garment garment may be used in a lot of ready made fabrics, and of course, it does not include the advanced customization. Because the big brand of fabric reengineering is not called fabric reengineering, people have another tall name high custom.

From today's show, it is impossible for us to break through and innovate simply, but the reconstruction of garment fabrics undoubtedly adds new highlights to dress design. In a word, the use and processing of fabrics is more and more important.

The two design of garment fabric, also known as fabric recycling, refers to the two processing of finished fabrics according to design needs, so as to create new artistic effects. It is an extension of the idea of design, with unparalleled innovation.

Stereoscopic design
On the plane material processing reengineering through folding, preparation, shrink, folding, stacking techniques such as pleating. The formation of a concave and convex texture contrasts with a strong sense of touch.

The fabric is formed regularly or irregularly in the fabric by high temperature binding techniques such as the wrinkles pleated so as to form a sense of body texture effect

A regular or irregular texture of the fabric with a special machine and iron

The routine is the thickness of the rubber band, different wire or cord used to sew different sewing on the fabric in the plane fabrics shrink in a pile, forming a three-dimensional sense of material

In the fabric with fine wire or thread sewing stitch length or length due to hand strength to pull the fabric forming slightly concave convex surface effect

With the renewed popularity of woven garments have become the focus of fashion life, with different textures, wire rope, strap, belt, lace, crochet or knit by means of combination of a variety of creative works, form bump, staggered, continuous and contrast visual effects.

Generally, single or more than two kinds of materials are applied on the basis of existing fabrics, such as bonding, hot pressing, sewing, repairing, hanging and embroidery. Such as: the combination with all kinds of beads, sequins, applique, embroidery, embroidery, embroidery, disc, rivets, metal nano slit through the stack and other materials.

The artistic decoration of all kinds of fabric on the surface of the fabric in accordance with the pattern

Paste different material of decorative material on the same material

Hot pressing coating
Change the external light texture of a glossy coated textile material by hot pressing to the lustrous cotton and linen fabrics

The existing fabric is destroyed according to the design idea. I want to destroy the Zha destruction! Such as: hollow, burnt, burnt out, spinning, shearing, grinding, forming well-proportioned, real and virtual effect.

Burning flower
A special visual effect is conveyed by burning traces of the fabric in different shapes with a dark fire or cigarette end.

The distinction between the extraction of a local warp or weft fabric of a fabric with a linear form

Burnt out
The acidification or carbonization of a fiber in a blend or fabric to become a translucent pattern. The fabric after a rotten flower is transparent like a gauze style.

One dress is too flat, more detail, more taste. A piece of cloth is too flat, more pleat, more interesting. It destroys the overplus of the desire, and the consequences of every attempt are often constructive. In order to break the inherent train of thought until the idea is released on the fabric, the fabric is a soul of the clothing. It's time to sublimate your fabric.
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