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How do different people choose the right mattress? HYA tells the way to you

hya hya.com 2018-04-25 14:37:20
How do different people choose the right mattress? HYA tells the way to you
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Good sleep can help people to expel fatigue, restore physical strength, make all body organs well-regulated, promote metabolism, and make the next day full of energy. However, for many people, a good night's sleep has become a luxury.

According to the 2016 Sleep Quality Report data, 38.2% of people have sleep problems, which is based on the total number of 1.3 billion people in China. That is, nearly 500 million people are suffering sleep problems. What is worrying is that with the acceleration of the pace of life and the increase of social pressure, this proportion is still increasing. So, what actually caused this situation? The Sleep Quality Report pointed out that 80% of sleep disorders were related to inappropriate mattress selection.

People worry about sleep

Groups of different age groups have different physical conditions and skeletal development conditions, which leads to the need to pay attention to different needs when shopping for mattresses, and to purchase different standards. Children, office workers, and the elderly, the three main groups of people should choose how to choose a mattress so as to improve the quality of sleep and avoid cardiovascular, nerve, and kidney diseases caused by sleep disorders.

Children: Pay attention to children's growth characteristics Do not buy "small adult mattresses"

In the purchase of children's mattresses, we must consider the characteristics of children's growth, in the environmental protection, functional requirements put forward higher requirements.

Many parents think that children's mattresses are trumpet “adult mattresses”. Actually, from the sleep habits and body structure, children have many differences with adults. Therefore, children’s mattresses are environmentally friendly and sanitary. Features such as the higher requirements. In addition, the growth and development of children's bones has not yet been fully established, and mattresses are required to provide more powerful support and have a certain degree of hardness in order to ensure that children can sleep in a correct position when sleeping and prevent spinal curvature.

Workers: Protecting the ridge is the key

As the saying goes, "ten office workers and nine spine diseases" are not false. Because of the need for long-term desk work, office workers maintain a single fixed posture, can easily cause spinal disease, lead to local muscles, joint damage, shoulder and back pain, numbness, headache and other symptoms, therefore, in the office worker to buy mattresses At the time, the ridge guard function became the top priority. 

Old man: Have a certain hardness

For older people, sleeping harder is better. Because the elasticity of the muscles and ligaments of the elderly is greatly reduced, most of the adjustment function is lost, long-term sleep on a soft mattress, the intervertebral disc is easily slid backwards, and the nerve roots of the spinal canal are squeezed; the displacement between the vertebral bodies occurs; The formation of slippage, making the local spinal canal stenosis, resulting in difficulty walking and low back pain. In particular, the elderly are prone to osteoporosis, lumbar muscle strain, lumbar and leg pain, etc., and bed rest, especially hard mattresses, can effectively eliminate weight and weight on the intervertebral disc pressure, so that symptoms can be fully alleviated.

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