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Which is good leather sofa and fabric sofa

hya hya.com 2018-04-24 14:26:38
Which is good leather sofa and fabric sofa 

First of all, fabric sofas have a variety of choices in colors, patterns, and textures. This is because leather sofas can never be done.
We can use the color of cloth to present a colorful and lively tone. We can use the fabric's patterns to create the rural flavor. We can also use pure plain colors to create the minimalist design of Nordic countries.... There are so many words. People with beautiful homes and very personalities will probably like cloth sofas.

For leather sofas, due to the inherent limitations of animal hides, its staining results tend to be relatively single. Cortex sofas often have black, white, brown, red, beige and so on... all are luxurious, atmospheric colors.

For fabric sofas, different materials determine its breathability.

Commonly there are cotton, linen, flannel and cotton mixed nylon cloth and other materials. The velvet sofa is warmer; the linen and cotton sofas are more breathable. Therefore, the fleece material is suitable for cold weather; linen, cotton cloth sofa is more suitable for summer use.

For leather sofas, the air permeability of the top layer is the best; inferior leather is the second; and the permeability of synthetic leather is even worse.

Many young people love cloth sofas, but they don't know that cloth sofas have a fatal bug - that's too! difficult! hit! Reason! It! If you sit for a while, your hair will be sticky. Sometimes it will be difficult to clean up if you accidentally spill a drink on the sofa.

And if you have high requirements for the cleanliness of the home, then obviously the leather sofa is more suitable for you ~ The current leather sofa does a certain waterproof function, basically a wet rag goes gently, it is a good sofa ! 

Leather sofas are expensive, and the price is basically over 10,000 yuan. In contrast, fabric sofas are cheap.
If you look at the price, however, fabric sofas are more in line with economic standards.

Although the price of leather sofas is so overwhelming, but its "long life" is undoubtedly - in general, leather sofa can be used for 5-10 years, if properly maintained, you can always use it.

The fabric sofa has a relatively short lifespan, usually 1-2 years will become dirty, 3-5 years will directly promote the "antique" level.

If you want to read more information about fabrics, please click the link Cotton felt pad for sofa.

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