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The difference between home fabrics and clothing fabrics

hya hya.com 2018-04-23 19:54:25
The difference between home fabrics and clothing fabrics 

Home furnishing fabrics and apparel fabrics do not have any difference in quality. For bedding, the difference is in the width of the cloth. The width of the general bedding width exceeds 2 meters or 2.4 meters. The width of general clothing is about 1.4-1.5 meters.

Bedding is mainly made of pure cotton. Generally, the following 40 are all low-end products, 50, and 60 are medium-end products. More than 80 are high-end products. Ordinary consumers do not have to understand the specifications of these fabrics. As long as the fabrics are not very transparent, they can be used as bedding products. Generally, Parisian yarn is not chosen for bedding. There are many choices of poplins as bedding, and the selection of satin is all high-end products. One is that the satin fabrics are made of high-quality delicate yarn materials, and the second is that the satin pattern must be high-density. But pay attention to the width of the fabric. Of course, if the consumer does not mind that it can be stitched, then the apparel fabric can also be used as bedding. Because the clothing fabric is generally 1.4-1.5 meters wide, the width of the stitching is 2.8-3 meters.

For consumers who may not have professional experience, the distinction between rayon and cotton is not required. I met one person. She insisted on using rayon as the bed sheet. The interpretation of repeated explanations was also futile. Perhaps there are too many social deceivers in the present and people are repulsive and persuasive. This is no wonder. She received something to say how this is chemical fiber. Explaining that she didn't know what rayon was, I had provided her with samples of cotton and some chemical fiber. Let her compare feelings. She understood, but it was estimated that this rayon could only be wasted using time and energy.

Bed linen is white, pure color is good, if you are online to buy, I suggest you do a good job to buy white. Because you don't know whether some chemical dyes used in these products are environmentally friendly, white is the safest. Of course, if the fabric is exported to Europe and America, you can use it safely. Especially in Europe, laws related to banned chemicals were born in the 1970s. 

As for the quality of the fabric, you cannot see it from the picture. A PS-processed picture may give you a rough feel and poor quality. Generally speaking, the fabric of the foreign trade export tailstock can be purchased with confidence, because the customer depends on the quality of the fabric, and you have already confirmed the quality. Of course, everyone says that they are doing foreign trade. This requires you to identify.

The curtain fabric, unless it is a large width of the form, the general use of clothing fabrics is no problem, because each curtain on the left and right, the width of 1.5 meters, two together on the 3 meters. Large windows then use special width fabrics. If you meet the width, it can be said that using clothing fabrics is a bit extravagant. It's like killing chicken with a chopper.

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