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A good sleep, not without a suitable pillow

hya hya.com 2018-12-20 14:42:16

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When you mention a pillow, people often think of the idiom "sleep without any anxiety" and "lay one's head on one's pillow and just drop off to sleep." It is advisable to sleep with a high pillow. However, in fact, a high pillow is not beneficial to everyone. Only a suitable pillow can help the body to relax, protect the neck and brain, and promote and improve sleep.

A suitable pillow must meet these three conditions: the basic construction of the support neck, the appropriate height and the good filling material.

1, The basic construction of the support neck: this is the basic shape of the pillow. According to the curve of the head and neck of the human body, the middle is lower than the surrounding, and can automatically adapt to the height of the side of the human body when the person is turned over during sleep. This shape can ensure the ideal sleeping position of the sleeper. An ideal pillow, the most basic thing is to make the pillow fit tightly to the physiological curvature of the cervical vertebra, so that people who work and study for a day can relieve the fatigue of the cervical muscles and ligaments during sleep.

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2, The appropriate height: This height refers to the height of the head and body and the standing posture when the human body sleeps. That is, the human body needs about a 5 degree angle when sleeping. If you don't sleep on your pillow, you won't have a head! Make your cervical vertebral body gradually deformed! Not sleeping pillows or pillows are too low. The pillow is high, and even if you sleep and rest for a long time, you can't rest well! This may be an important reason why you sleep longer but feel old and tired! As for the above mentioned peace of mind, in fact, too high a pillow will make the spine too predecessor, neck soft tissue is too tight, fatigue, but also prone to stiff neck and other neck diseases, snoring is also prone to sleep. (Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China

3,The good filling material good filler: the quality of a pillow depends mostly on the quality of the filler. Pillows have the basic distinction between high and low, soft and hard, elastic, etc. According to the basic filling materials, pillows can be divided into soft pillows, hard pillows and neutral pillows, which are convenient for customers to choose. Natural neutral pillows are in recent years. The popular category of pillows is pillows that are not soft or hard. For example, the popular natural latex pillows, cassia pillows and so on, have a great auxiliary effect on sleep. Therefore, a good pillow for sleep must have a good pillow. When we have a pillow, our own cervical curvature should be completely matched with the pillow, so that we can better avoid the stiff neck. Prevention of cervical spondylosis.