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What color sheets help sleep? It is important to choose the color of the sheets.
Release on2019-01-30What color sheets help sleep? It is important to choose the color of the sheets. Everyone needs to have enough sleep quality to supplement the body's...Read More
Tips! Mattress cleaning method
Release on2019-01-30In life, in order to be clean and hygienic, after a period of time, the quilt cover, sheets, pillowcases, etc. on the bed are usually cleaned from tim...Read More
What are the mattress fabrics? What are the characteristics?
Release on2019-01-29Spring matterss jacquard fabric factory What are the mattress fabrics and the characteristics of different fabrics; nowadays people pay great attentio...Read More
Why use cotton bedding in autumn and winter?
Release on2019-01-28Stichbond polyester fabric manufacturer We all know that in the summer we will use Tencel and silk bedding, because these beddings are icy and silky. ...Read More
Mattress sharing: How long does the spring mattress need to be replaced?
Release on2019-01-25Waterproof membrane manufacturer china In the Chinese mattress market, most manufacturers have suggested that the spring mattress has a typical lifes...Read More
Is the mattress a hard bed or an air spring mattress?
Release on2019-01-243D air mesh mattress fabric China Perhaps, many friends have heard of such a saying: "sleeping on a hard bed is more beneficial to the health of child...Read More
What is the method of choosing a mattress? How can I choose a good mattress?
Release on2019-01-23Knitted tricot mattress fabric manufacturer A large part of the comfort of the bedroom bed is determined by the mattress, and the mattresses sold on t...Read More
Is the mattress good? just lie down and you know!
Release on2019-01-22Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory 1. Is the texture of the mattress soft or hard? According to experience, it seems that young people are mor...Read More
The laundry will never tell you the laundry skills.
Release on2019-01-21Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China Everyone washes clothes, but I really want to wash my clothes. It is not enough to throw clothes into the wash...Read More
How to deal with heavy polluted linen in the laundry room?
Release on2019-01-18Mattress cover fabric wholesales First: Make a pre-decontamination of the sheets and quilts that need to be washed. It is to apply a highly decontamin...Read More
What kind of mattress is suitable for infants and toddlers?
Release on2019-01-17Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China The hardness of a mattress varies from person to person. "Sleeping hard bed, hard mattress" has always been co...Read More
If you don't sleep well, how can you talk about a good life?
Release on2019-01-16Bedding sheet fabrics wholesales Before going to work, the pedestrians on the road rushed past, some spirits, some have a faint dark circle, I guess h...Read More
How long do we have to sleep to be healthy?
Release on2019-01-15Stichbond polyester fabric manufacturer I know that sleep is very important for women, but how long does it take for a woman to sleep in a day is a he...Read More
Six tips for sharing how pregnant women can improve their sleep quality
Release on2019-01-14Waterproof membrane manufacturer china Many people know how important a good sleep is for pregnant women. When pregnant, many pregnant women sleep at...Read More
Things you have to know about sleep habits
Release on2019-01-14Tricot manufacturer China After a hard day's work, I believe that everyone thinks that they can sleep well at night to ease the fatigue of the day. Bu...Read More
The development of the sleep industry gives smart mattresses a better space
Release on2019-01-11Mattress cover fabric wholesales I believe everyone knows that the problem of insomnia in modern people is becoming more and more serious. According t...Read More
How to effectively adjust sleep?
Release on2019-01-10bobbin thread manufacturer china More and more people will suffer from insomnia. It is very painful to sleep at night. So everyone knows what to do to...Read More
Every crowd has a smart mattress that suits you.
Release on2019-01-10Home textile fabrics manufacturer At present, whether it is a shopping mall, a specialty store or a furniture city, there are many kinds of smart matt...Read More
Daily maintenance method of natural latex mattress
Release on2019-01-09Mattress fabric manufacturer China As more and more people insomnia, more and more products to help treat insomnia, like a mattress, do not look at it...Read More
Performance of the stiff neck
Release on2019-01-08solid color Microfiber mattress fabrics wholesales I don't know if you have had an experience. You slept well at night. When you woke up in the mornin...Read More