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Tips for choosing a spring mattress
Release on 2018-09-21Spring mattress jacquard factory1)When testing the soft and hard mattress, press the four sides of the mattress first to see if the edg...Read More
How to disinfect towels, towel disinfection method
Release on 2018-09-20Mattress fabric manufacturer china Towels are used as cleaning items in daily life. Although it is small and inconspicuous, its help to...Read More
The 5 big mistakes in the use of mattresses look at your "in the move"?
Release on 2018-09-19Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China People always follow their own habits during use. Those little habits seem to have no effe...Read More
How to clean the blanket?
Release on 2018-09-18Mattress ticking supplier china Blankets are our usual warmth items, and we have almost stayed in every household. When we have winter,...Read More
Quilt cleaning method
Release on 2018-09-18Mattress fabric manufacturer China The quilt is light and soft when used, but many quilts will stick to a certain degree of stain after...Read More
Little knowledge about magnetic mattresses
Release on 2018-09-14Mattress fabric manufacuturer China  Introduction of magnetic mattress Magnetic mattress is a kind of mattress popular in the worl...Read More
Excessive formaldehyde: Does the coir mattress contain formaldehyde?
Release on 2018-09-13Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China Recently, the news has frequently reported that the formaldehyde contained in the mattress...Read More
The benefits of custom made mattresses
Release on 2018-09-12China Mattress components factoryThe benefits of custom made children's mattressesWhat are the benefits of custom-made mattresses? Firs...Read More
What are the benefits of silk quilts?
Release on 2018-09-11Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier For young people, there is not much to know about silk quilts. On the contrary, it shou...Read More
Analysis of the advantages of water mattress
Release on 2018-09-10Mattress fabric manufacturer China1. Durable The life of the water bag in the water mattress is ten years. At present, the soft water m...Read More
Mattress cleaning method
Release on 2018-09-07Mattress fabric manufacturer China For stains of unknown origin: Spray the citrus detergent directly on the stain (note that it is natu...Read More
Smart air conditioning mattress
Release on 2018-09-06Mattress fabric wholesales china Intelligent air conditioning mattress introduction The intelligent air-conditioning and air-conditioni...Read More
Tips for disinfecting mattresses
Release on 2018-09-05Mattress fabric manufacturer China Many people have such a doubt, how to disinfect the mattress; because it is a large item, it is not ...Read More
How to reduce formaldehyde or remove formaldehyde
Release on 2018-09-04Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China 1. Use some formaldehyde-absorbing plants to remove formaldehyde. Such as: ivy, green radi...Read More
Mattress formaldehyde exceeds the harm to human body
Release on 2018-09-03   Mattress ticking supplier china  The pollution and chronic damage of the mattress to the living environment and the h...Read More
Buy a healthy mattress experience
Release on 2018-08-31Mattress fabric manufacturer China (1) Spring mattress For mattresses such as spring mattresses, the most important part of the mattres...Read More
How to distinguish the quality of coir mattress?
Release on 2018-08-30Mattress cover fabric wholesales In recent years, spring mattresses have been less popular. On the contrary, the original mat mattress ...Read More
Choose a quality mattress method
Release on 2018-08-29Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory Mattress fabric manufacturer China Cheapest mattress fabric&en...Read More
Precautions for purchasing curtains
Release on 2018-08-28Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory Curtains are one of the must-have decorations for every household. With the improvement...Read More
lavender pillow
Release on 2018-08-27Stichbood nonwoven furniture fabric Speaking of lavender, it is definitely a favorite of many girls. The function of lavender is a lot....Read More