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What do you need to know to choose a mattress?

hya hya.com 2018-10-12 10:35:52

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1. Understand the standard of healthy mattresses

A healthy mattress has nothing to meet three criteria: (1) It is the person's position in which the spine can be kept at the same level, so that the spine is not easily deformed. (2) The pressure is equal. The mattress can effectively support the weight of the human body, and at the same time disperse the human body pressure and promote the rapid sleep of the human body. (3) The materials used in the mattress making are subject to strict quality control, and the substances harmful to the human body such as formaldehyde are eliminated from the source to ensure the true health of sleep.

2. Understand your sleep habits

(1) mattress hardness

According to the sleep habits of Chinese people, most consumers are used to sleeping on hard mattresses. Hard mattresses have better support for the human body, keeping the spine straight and promoting muscle relaxation. Sleeping on a bed that is too soft, the body's weight will cause the bed to form a low middle and high surrounding, which will affect the normal physiological flexion of the lumbar spine, causing contraction, tension and spasm of the waist muscles and ligaments, thereby increasing the waist discomfort. It is decided here according to the usual sleep preferences.

(2) understand your sleep habits

Many people don't know what their sleeping position is. In fact, what kind of posture is often when the human body falls asleep, that is, the most natural sleeping position. Lie down in a habitual sleeping position to find a mattress that can provide enough support for the shoulders, waist and buttocks of the human body to keep the spine at the same level. There are also consumers who are used to sleeping in the three postures of lying on their back, lying on their backs, and lying on their backs, but it is more suitable to choose a hard mattress regardless of the posture.

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3. Select mattresses according to different age stages

Generally for children or adolescents, it is recommended to buy a brown mattress. The brown mattress has a hard texture and strong support for the human body. Especially for the elderly, it is necessary to pay special attention to the habit of sleeping. The mattress that is too soft is easy to fall, and it is difficult to get up. For the elderly who are gradually loosening the bones, it is better to choose a mattress with higher hardness. In general adults, for the comfort of the mattress, it is also possible to choose a softer mattress.

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