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How to effectively adjust sleep?

hya hya.com 2019-01-10 14:38:37

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More and more people will suffer from insomnia. It is very painful to sleep at night. So everyone knows what to do to stay away from insomnia and comfortably sleep on a safe feeling. Today, we can introduce you to sleep comfortably. Way, let's take a look

Proper exercise helps your health and you have a good body. Taking a little time every day to exercise, it also helps sleep at night, it is also helpful to relieve fatigue and increase excitement.

Everyone knows that people adjust their bodies through sleep. So don't sleep too early or sleep too late. You can take a nap at noon, but the time should not be too long. Generally, it is best to control it for about half an hour. Regular work and rest time is not only good for sleep, but also can improve work efficiency. For those who are busy in the workplace, good sleep can have more physical strength to work.

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Eating habits also have an effect on sleep? There is no doubt about it. First of all, the regular eating of breakfast, lunch and dinner is good for people's health. Besides, dinner has a greater impact on sleep. Do not eat too much dinner too late, which will burden the stomach trimming, affecting sleep. Do not eat more foods such as caffeine and nicotine on weekdays. Eat more red dates, millet, milk.

A mattress that suits your body's curve and weight is crucial for getting rid of insomnia. This "soft and hard" is determined by your physical comfort.

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