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Every crowd has a smart mattress that suits you.

hya hya.com 2019-01-10 14:20:56

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At present, whether it is a shopping mall, a specialty store or a furniture city, there are many kinds of smart mattresses that we can see. Of course, we mainly focus on smart single products. As a consumer group, how do we choose the smart mattress that really suits us? The following is shared for your reference. There are different professional classifications according to different applicable groups, which are mainly divided into the following three categories:

The first category is the 4D somatosensory mattress: suitable for gamers, movie lovers and other people.

For VR gamers, movies and other enthusiasts to pursue a best experience, tailored or highly professional products, can be combined with home theater \ bedroom theater to achieve scene linkage and 4D audio and video, whether it is movies, games, Scene life applications, etc., the feeling of cool is definitely more than a little.

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The second category is the old-age care smart mattress: suitable for the elderly.
These mattresses are mainly for the aged care institutions, deployed in each room, and managed centrally. Mainly for the aged care institutions in order to better provide elderly people with careful care services. According to the different individuals of the elderly, you can monitor the data of each elderly's heart rate, respiration rate, bedtime and range, record the sleep quality of each elderly every night, and immediately report the abnormal service to the general service desk. The safety factor of the elderly reduces the risk of first aid.

The main working principle of this mattress is to optimize the material and implant the rehabilitation monitoring system into the mattress based on the shape of the traditional mattress. There is no need to change the sleeping habits. At present, it is mainly used in many old-age institutions, or conditional individual household users.

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The third category is the health massage intelligent sleep-sleeping mattress: suitable for the majority of people with poor sleep quality.

This type of mattress is like a massager on a household bed. In addition to monitoring health data indicators, it also has the function of massage and plays a healthy sleep. This mattress is suitable for a large group of users, and is aimed at the quality of sleep. Bad people are not for the elderly.

No need for a centralized management system can be used alone, and the style with a simple shape is no different from a traditional mattress. Functional aspects include sonic massage, healthy sleep optimization and many other functions, mainly to relieve fatigue and improve sleep quality.

Especially since the beginning of the 21st century, with the development of AI artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technology, the function of smart mattresses will become more and more powerful. From the needs of human life, many personalized products can be evolved, targeting different groups of people. There will be different mattresses, and everything will move closer to the choice of the consumer community.