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What are the benefits of silk quilts?

hya hya.com 2018-09-11 14:13:25

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For young people, there is not much to know about silk quilts. On the contrary, it should be familiar to silk quilts and duvets. So what are the benefits of silk quilts? How should we choose? Let's take a look.

For ordinary quilts, silk quilts have good heat dissipation and are quite warm. So why is the thin silk quilt so warm? The reason is because of its porous fibrous structure. We know that there are many fine fibers in the silk fiber. These fine fibers are made of finer fibers. Therefore, the solid silk that we usually cover is 38% hollow, so these spaces will be inside. There is a lot of air, which just prevents us from dissipating heat. So, this is why thin silk quilts have such good warmth.

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So when it comes to heat dissipation, it has a high void ratio for silk quilts. Because of these void ratios, it is self-evident that it also has very good sound absorption and aspiration characteristics. . It's not just a warm home item or a very nice room decor. Not only can the room be left unstained, but also keep the room quiet. So many people will ask? This is why? This is because the silk has a strong moisture absorption and dehumidification function, can adjust the temperature and humidity of the room, and even sucks up the fine dust and microorganisms in the room, and its thermostaticity is very high, so it is more resistant to heat.

Of course, silk quilts are more than just these advantages. Everyone knows that the protein inside the silk quilt, the tryptophan and tyrosine in the protein are the masters of UV protection! (Mattress fabric manufacturer China)Therefore, silk quilts also have very good UV resistance. Although occasional photosynthesis is good for the body, too much ultraviolet light can be harmful! Silk quilts can help you solve these problems. However, some friends should remember that while silk quilts are being used for photosynthesis, they will undergo changes and chemical reactions. After being exposed to ultraviolet light, silk quilts are easily yellowed.

Silk quilts are not only light, comfortable, breathable, smooth, and colorful, but also make the whole room full of noble and elegant temperament. But everything has its two sides, silk quilt itself is thinner and lighter, so it is easy to produce wrinkles, not strong enough, easy to fade and other shortcomings.