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The benefits of custom made mattresses

hya hya.com 2018-09-12 16:52:46

The benefits of custom made children's mattresses

What are the benefits of custom-made mattresses? First, let's take children's mattresses as an example. Parents and friends with children at home should be more clear. Children are at a critical stage of growth and development. It is important to have a mattress suitable for correcting children's spine. The children's mattresses on the market are all designed to be popular, and the children's height, weight, weight and thinness are not considered.

Customized mattress benefits performance:

The advantage of custom-made children's mattresses is that children's height, weight, weight and sleep habits can be explained to the manufacturer to create a mattress suitable for their children. This kind of condition is generally understood by the merchants who make custom mattresses.

The benefits of custom-made children's mattresses are also reflected in the choice of mattress materials and mattress fabrics according to their own needs, to meet the needs of children's sleep environment comfort.

The benefits of custom adult mattresses

Where are the benefits of custom-made adult mattresses? Adult sleep mattresses need to be combined with their own sleep habits. Generally, there are many kinds of high-quality mattress products on the market. The mattress performance and comfort of different materials are different. It is difficult to choose the mattress that suits you. The advantage of an adult mattress is that the mattress can be built according to your needs, eliminating the need to choose a mattress.

Customized mattress benefits performance:

The benefits of custom-made adult mattresses are also reflected in the price advantage. The price of mattresses used by adults is as small as a few thousand, and many cases are more than 10,000. If it is a custom adult mattress, the price of the same mattress is much cheaper, and it is customized according to its own needs. Pad products are more in line with their own needs.

The benefits of custom-made older mattresses

Can the mattress of the elderly be customized? The advantage of customizing the mattress for the elderly is that it can determine the hardness of the mattress. Everyone knows the dangers of using soft mattresses for the elderly. Too soft mattresses will affect blood circulation. The larger the contact area between the human body and the bed surface, the larger the area of ​​the human body will be squeezed. The blood circulation of the body surface is easy to cause back pain, and the limbs are sore, which may easily aggravate lumbar muscle strain, cervical spondylosis and bone hyperplasia. Custom-made old-age mattresses can be made with a hard mattress, and a guardrail can be added to both sides of the bed to prevent falls.