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Instructions for use of air mattress

hya hya.com 2018-08-16 10:54:00

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(1) remember not to aerate too full (especially in summer), do not carry on too intense motion on the bed, otherwise the pull belt inside the bed body will overload and break, cause the bed face to bulge and cannot repair, can only discard.

(2) the air bed can be filled immediately after being purchased, but it can only be used 8 hours after the first filling (preferably 12 hours).

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(3) within 24 hours after the first filling, the air bed will be somewhat relaxed, which is a normal phenomenon, because the material of the air bed has a little elasticity. After filling the air, the bed body will be slightly swollen and become soft, and then it will feel relaxed.

(4) when the temperature rises during seasonal change, the air in the bed expands, and the air release should be noted; On the contrary, when the temperature drops, the bed will become soft.

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(5) use the air mattress to make sure that there are no sharp objects such as nails or thorns on the floor or the bedstead of the bed.

(6) if it is used in water, make sure the suede is up, and children should be used under adult supervision;

(7) if you accidentally spill other drinks, such as tea or coffee, on the inflatable bed, you should immediately use towel or toilet paper to suck and dry under pressure, and then use the hair dryer to blow dry. When aeration mattess is infected with dirt carelessly, can use soap and clear water clean, do not use the cleaner of strong acid, strong alkali, lest cause the damage of the mattess on aeration mattess.