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Check air mattress

hya hya.com 2018-08-15 11:04:06

China Mattress protector supplier

After a few days of use, the air leakage rate of the air mattress was found to be significantly accelerated, so you have to check whether your air mattress has broken holes. How to check the air mattress? Take a look at the simple method below.

(1) check the mattress bottom

Check the underside of the mattress first, because the underside is the easiest to be scratched by sharp objects or puncture by the wood puncture on the wooden frame bed. In order from left to right, select the leftmost row of holes, and start the inspection from the leftmost one, and spread around the hole with each hole as the center

Then look at the different places with different gloss, and see if the folding marks are broken, and find that there are different lustrous or small marks that have been pierced, rubbed and folded.(China Mattress components factory

(2) check the mattress suede

Check the mattress suede, the one that comes into direct contact with the human body. It can also be punctured by keys or other objects. Mattress suede, fluffy little short, generally appeared pinhole big hole is not easy to be found, check whether the method of leakage is to use the hand gently in the location of 1 cm from the PVC surface move, if the hand moves to breach, hand will obviously be perfume gush out, test suede, is the fastest the most used method of inspection.

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(3) check the air vent of the mattress

Check to see if the air is leaking through the mattress's air vent. Fill the air mattress with air. If the bubbling is not properly done in the air leak, screw the air out and put it back on.

(4) check the side of the mattress

The flank of inflatable mattess also is key, when air bed moves, be likely by the nail on the wall or the wooden thorn of desk edge puncture; Check the side, also in order from left to right, move gently with your hand about 1CM away from the PVC surface, and check the area one by one.