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3d mattress purchase tips

hya hya 2018-08-03 18:26:59

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(1) Breathability and hygroscopicity. The 3D mattress is breathable, which is an indelible fact, but when choosing a 3D mattress, we need to pay attention to the moisture absorption and breathability of the mattress fabric. In the process of sleep, the human body will inevitably discharge a large amount of sweat, and the human body and the mattress are in direct contact, so it is necessary to ensure the moisture permeability of the fabric of the mattress.

(2) Environmental protection The environmental performance of the 3D mattress itself is also crucial. If the mattress in contact with the human body carries harmful substances or even emits harmful gases, the human body will inevitably absorb it. In the long run, the harmful substances in the mattress will cause various adverse symptoms and even functional disorders of the organs.

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(3) Comfort and support If the support ability of the mattress is not enough, the waist and buttocks will be excessively depressed, which may cause deformation of the spine. When purchasing a mattress, pay attention to the support of the mattress(Printing mattress Stichbond fabric factory). Some mattresses only use 3d material as the filling cushion. In fact, the overall softness of the mattress also has this possibility. The mattress only has good comfort and support to ensure health. Sleep.

(4) 3d mattresses are expensive, and only a handful of mattress manufacturers are on the market. It is recommended to buy them at regular physical stores to avoid being deceived.