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The source of the mattress insects

hya hya.com 2018-08-17 11:00:24

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The mattress is easy to grow insects. It is the key to find the source. The following are the two situations that are easy to make the inside and outside of the mattress. The cockroach will analyze each situation in detail and finally propose a solution to prevent the mattress worm. .

1. Bedroom environment

The bedroom environment is the longest place in the body for a day, and bedroom hygiene is relatively more important. Among them, the locust is the longest-looking lord. The mites are so small that they are invisible to the naked eye. They are parasitic on the surface of the mattress. They live on human dandruff and have strong reproductive ability, which can easily cause respiratory infections in humans. Keep the mattress in the bedroom clean and reduce the conditions for the growth of mites.

Secondly, the bedroom is relatively private, making the mattress in a relatively dark environment for a long time. The bedroom is not constantly ventilated. Under suitable temperature and humidity, it is easy to make the mattress regain moisture, breed various bacteria and mildew, and then breed insects or body lice, which affects the health of the human body.

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2. Mattress material

Mattress material will become a breeding ground for insects, so the most prone to grow bugs is the mattress made of plant fibers. Coir mattresses, mountain palm mattresses, hemp mattresses, etc., followed by inferior fillers.

(1) Coir mattress

Coir mattresses are one of the most prone to breed bugs. The coir mattress is made from the coconut peel fiber of the coconut or the growing coconut tree in the southern tropical part of China. Its elasticity, toughness and breathability are slightly worse than that of the mountain brown. Although it is a natural green mattress, its cost is relatively low. It is low, and because it contains sugar itself, it is easy to insects if it is not handled well.

(2) hemp brown mattress

The hemp brown mattress is made of green hemp and jute as the main raw materials. It has poor elasticity, toughness and breathability, is easy to get wet, and is susceptible to insects and deformation during long-term use.

(3) Mountain brown mattress

The mountain brown mattress is here to correct a cognitive misunderstanding. In fact, the real mountain brown mattress is not worms. The case of the long worm is because the palm mattress is purchased or the mountain brown board material is used. . The mountain brown board and the coconut palm are similarly sugary, and the real sugar-free and non-worm-like material is only the mountain brown sheet material. The mountain brown board material can not completely remove the sugar, kill the eggs, and will induce the insects under certain suitable conditions.

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3. Inferior filler

Inferior fillers refer to mattress interior fillers other than spring pads, including sponges, memory foam, and mattress fabrics. Sponge and memory foam are all made of chemical raw materials in the industry. The sponge has soft texture and strong resilience. It is the most suitable material for making mattress fillers, but this material is not breathable, easy to absorb moisture and regain moisture, further promote the bed. The inside of the pad is moldy, and the bacteria are generated, and the inferior memory cotton material acts as a filler. This is also the same.