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Introduction of water mattress

hya hya.com 2018-08-20 11:13:16

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In today's economic market, the competition in all walks of life is very large, and the types of products are also endless. As far as mattresses are concerned, there are many kinds of mattresses, spring mattresses and independent spring mattresses. Latex mattresses, mats, water mattresses, etc., I would like to introduce you to the water mattress.

Water mattress - introduction

What is a water mattress? I believe that everyone does not understand it. Let me introduce it to you briefly today. As a kind of mattress, the main structure is that the water bag filled with water is placed in the bed frame. The temperature I want, and the massage effect, so many families have bought or are ready to buy water mattresses.

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Water mattress - advantages

Waterbeds in developed countries in Europe and America have spread more than 30%. Why is it so popular, naturally it has its advantages. The unique dynamic sleep of the waterbed is unmatched by the static sleep of the traditional bed. Because the bed frame is mainly water, in the summer, the heat discharged by the human body is absorbed by the water, which is not only very comfortable, but also cool and smooth. If it is winter, because the water temperature of the water bed is adjustable, as the heat rises, the moisture generated by the human body is driven out of the bed, making it sleep warm and dry.

Water mattress - hazard

Water mattress also has its drawbacks in use; in terms of price, it is higher than ordinary mattress. Because it is filled with water, it is not easy to move and need to change water and add water during use. This is very troublesome. Because the inside of the water mattress is filled with water, it has a certain degree of softness, but when we sleep, it will have a certain degree of depression. In the long run, the bone will be bent and deformed, especially for growing up. Children and adolescents in the body are extremely bad; long-term sleeping on a water mattress not only affects the quality of our sleep, but also feels sore back and weakness when we wake up.

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Water mattress - sale and maintenance

If you like to sleep on a mattress, how can we buy and maintain it in order to better reduce its harm? At the time of purchase, I suggest that you choose high-quality products for water mattresses. It is best to give priority to brand mattresses. It is not easy to be too soft or too tough. After you buy them, try not to put sharp objects on the waterbed. On the pad, care should also be taken when cleaning. Do not use detergents such as strong acid and alkali.