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The reason why the mattress has a tast

hya hya.com 2018-08-21 15:15:34

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Some consumers responded that their newly purchased mattresses have been placed for several days, and the mattress still has a taste. Can it continue to be used? There are many reasons for the taste of a mattress, for the following reasons:

(1) Reasons for the taste of the mattress - type

The brown mattress has a taste, mainly the mattress made of brown silk has occasional odor, because the brown silk itself has no odor, so the taste of the palm mattress can only be processed during processing, due to high temperature and high pressure treatment. The combination of natural rubber and brown silk produces a taste.

(2) Reasons for the taste of the mattress - material fabric

The mattress fabric and the inner material of the mattress will also smell. The mattress fabric has a normal odor, mainly due to some flavor during the printing and dyeing process. The odor of the inner material of the mattress, the inferior filler inside the mattress, the phenomenon of insects, mold, etc., eventually leading to the taste of the palm mattress.(Microfiber mattress fabrics China supplier)

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(3) The reason why the mattress has a taste - formaldehyde

The mattress contains formaldehyde, which is also one of the reasons for the odor of the mattress. The harm caused by formaldehyde to human health is huge. The lighter person may have headache, vomiting and lack of energy. In severe cases, life may be dangerous. Therefore, the release of formaldehyde from the mattress is also one of the health killers. When the mattress has a pungent taste, it is necessary to be vigilant.