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How to reduce formaldehyde or remove formaldehyde

hya hya.com 2018-09-04 15:08:30

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1. Use some formaldehyde-absorbing plants to remove formaldehyde. Such as: ivy, green radish, etc., the effect of a small amount of formaldehyde in the living room is relatively obvious; excessive formaldehyde will lead to plant death.

2. The use of activated carbon and other substances can effectively absorb formaldehyde and remove odor, and can be used repeatedly, the effect is still very obvious.

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3. In addition to the above methods, the plastic packaging film of the mattress must be torn off. The other is to keep the air circulation of the room. Regular ventilation can also effectively reduce the formaldehyde content.(Mattress fabric manufacturer China

4. Finally, share a small secret recipe for everyone. Use 300 grams of black tea to soak two cups of hot tea, put it into the living room, and open the window to breathe. The indoor formaldehyde content will drop by more than 90% within 48 hours, and the irritating odor is basically eliminated. Very practical.