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Analysis of the advantages of water mattress

hya hya.com 2018-09-10 11:27:04

Mattress fabric manufacturer China

1. Durable The life of the water bag in the water mattress is ten years. At present, the soft water mattress has added a filler between the water bag and the human body, which makes the water mattress more durable and has better support for the human body. Better sleep quality.

2, energy saving and power saving Its automatic constant temperature design can be automatically switched to achieve energy saving, one of the perfect environmentally friendly furniture, this feature has been widely concerned.

3. Special raw material of water mattress for disinfectant and disinfectant, following the trend of green and environmental protection, has the effect of disinfectant and disinfectant.Mattresses are not easy to breed bacteria, mites, sleep more healthy, design in line with ergonomic principles, the human body sleep better at night.

4, warm in winter and cool in summer physics thermal conduction principle of the water mattress has automatic constant temperature setting, the bed temperature can be adjusted and automatic constant temperature, automatic switch, warm and comfortable winter, cool summer, thus to achieve a comfortable winter and cool summer environment .

5, there is a thermotherapy effect with its automatic constant temperature function, the body's uniform heat conduction, in order to promote human blood circulation, for rheumatoid arthritis, intervertebral disc herniation, hypertension, anemia, cold, insomnia, neurasthenia and other patients It can effectively treat hyperthermia, prevent the deterioration of its condition, and use the best mattress (Cheapest mattress fabric supplier China)for middle-aged and elderly people.

6. Applicable to a wide range of people The full use of water buoyancy in water mattresses, evenly support the weight of the human body, let the body completely relax, relieve nervous nerves, promote the body to sleep, and enter deep sleep, improve the quality of human sleep, and for any It can be applied to people of weight, which is the biggest advantage of water mattresses.