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Shock! ! Textile printing and dyeing methods will affect your safety and health.

hya hya.com 2018-11-20 14:39:40

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When purchasing home textile products, the printing and dyeing method of the products is an important indicator for purchase. Active printing, paint printing, digital printing, we need to make a simple understanding of these printing methods, because the way of printing and dyeing of bed products will directly affect the safety of future use. In terms of printing and dyeing methods and the cost of dyes, consumers often drift directly as floating clouds. In fact, in addition to affecting the color effect, the printing and dyeing method is also safe to use. If the dye is not properly selected in the printing and dyeing, it is very likely that the formaldehyde can be multiplied by the inferior wood board and paint.

1. The active printed fabric is light in color and soft to the touch.

Active Printing: Active Printing In the dyeing and printing process, the active gene of the dye is combined with the fiber molecules to form a dye and fiber. Relatively speaking, the active printing and dyeing process is more difficult, and the active printed and dyed fabrics are light in color and soft in hand. It is a relatively high-end printing and dyeing method, which is 20%-30% higher than the cost of printing and dyeing, and the price of the product is relatively expensive. some.

Paint printing and dyeing: the bedding of the "flower coat" is supported by the printing and dyeing of the bedding. The printing and dyeing of the paint is printed on the textile by using a mixture of water-soluble colored materials (pigments) and high molecular polymers (binders). A transparent colored film formed on the textile to further mechanically adhere the coating to the textile. Compared with reactive printing, there are more "safety hazards" in coating printing. The price of paints used in printing and dyeing sometimes varies greatly. A few thousand pieces of cheap paint can buy one kilogram. Some good quality paints cost hundreds of yuan per kilogram. The quality of paint directly determines the quality and use of printing and dyeing. Safety.

Digital printing: Digital printing is easy to sample, there is no limit to the amount, so you can achieve personalized customization, make some unique small products, and if it is a large-scale design into the market, it is not suitable.

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2. The lighter the color, the higher the security
Dark bedding is indeed more unique in the atmosphere, but one thing to be reminded is that some small brands may choose to use cheap dyes, which may contain harmful substances such as azo and formaldehyde, so the kit is too dark and may be hidden. Therefore, the lighter the bed, the more elegant it is, the higher the safety. It is also generally recommended that the bedding be washed once before use, formaldehyde, azo, etc. are volatile, and harmful substances are dissolved in water, which can be effectively alleviated after washing.

3. Use brightly printed bedding with paint
Part of the bright bedding package will choose paint printing, so there is a problem with the quality of the paint. If some unscrupulous brands choose inferior paints, they will not only fade easily during washing, but also affect the appearance. They may also contain harmful substances and endanger the safety of use.

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4. Active printing and dyeing is environmentally friendly and does not fade and shrink.
Printing and dyeing method is an important indicator for selecting bedding products. Active printing and dyeing does not add carcinogens and formaldehyde in the printing and dyeing process, does not contain harmful substances to the human body, and does not fade when washed, does not shrink, has good color fastness, soft hand feeling, and is environmentally friendly; The printing and dyeing printing is bright, but the printing and dyeing is hard, some of the formaldehyde content is relatively high, the long-term use has an impact on health, and the printing and dyeing is not washable and easy to fade.