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Found! Textile health energy!

hya hya.com 2018-11-19 11:38:41

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With the development of industrial technology, the functional development of textiles has entered a new field, and functional textiles are entering People's Daily life more and more.

Clothing textile is one of the most basic elements in People's Daily life, which is gradually invented by human beings in the long-term life, and is the expression of human civilization. First, clothing is used to protect the body against cold and heat. Secondly, clothing also reflects the spirit of The Times and the level of material wealth, to a certain extent, reflects the civilization of the society.

In today's society, people pay more and more attention to their health. Therefore, their clothing also highlights health maintenance.

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Functional textile clothing is a unique industry, standing in the health care and new textile products on the high point, will become the future health care development direction and industry pillar. Because she not only has the function of traditional textile, but also has some functions of chronic disease auxiliary treatment and health care.

Currently contains far infrared energy functional textiles, has appeared on the market, after using this kind of textiles, the body under the far infrared light, biological molecular level under the excitation of in a state of high frequency vibration, it will activate the cell activity, added to the biological energy, forming the ability to regulate the body's metabolism and immune function, far infrared fiber can promote blood circulation and metabolism, eliminate fatigue, restore physical strength and to alleviate pain symptoms of function, inflammation have certain auxiliary medical effect to the body. (Mattress fabric manufacturer China)

The health care function of far infrared is gradually accepted and understood by people, but the effect is quite different due to the difference of technology, material function and safety. Most of the materials in the market are glued to the fabric by soaking or applying them, thus forming the far-infrared function. This fabric can not stand many times of washing, and the monitoring data of far-infrared is obviously weakened after washing. And by the natural mineral crystal containing far-infrared technology directly through the technology spinning fabric far-infrared fabric, long-term washing energy does not decline.