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How to wash the moldy quilt?

hya hya.com 2018-10-29 14:49:14

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The quilt is an essential item in the home life. In addition to paying attention to frequent washing and changing, it is necessary to pay attention to some maintenance and use methods, in order to let the quilt play more functions of its own, presumably everyone has encountered the quilt mold, resulting in There are many kinds of quilt molds. Usually, you can spend more time in other places. You don't care too much about the quilt mold. It has already caused molds full of quilts to know that it has become moldy. The quilt moldy situation brings a lot of inconvenience to life. The moldy quilt is not easy to clean, so how can the moldy quilt be washed?

1.High temperature blisters
Boil the water to about 80 degrees Celsius, add some soap, the ratio is about 3:2, then put the moldy cotton quilt into the high temperature water soaked, be sure to completely submerge the soaking, and leave the mold more than a little while, Soak for about forty minutes. Because the moldy quilt is more difficult to wash, so be sure to soak for a while, squat several times, and then repeatedly brush, the mildew can be removed.

2.Wash rice wash
Prepare a clean rice water, of course, the higher the concentration, the better. Put the moldy cotton quilt into the rice water for nearly eight hours. The longer the time, the better. This situation depends on the mildew of the quilt. Then wash the moldy area a few times, repeatedly licking, mold spots can be removed.

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3.Alcohol wipe
At home, you can prepare some alcohol in the right amount. First, brush the moldy quilt with a soft brush for several times. You think it is relatively clean. Other stubborn mold spots will use alcohol in the moldy place, wipe it repeatedly, and wipe it a few times. The best effect state, after washing for 15 minutes, after washing for about 20 minutes, the parts with serious mold spots can be wiped several times.

4.Gasoline scrubbing
The moldy cotton quilt can be hung in a ventilated place to dry, then a small amount of gasoline is put on a cotton swab, and the mold is removed from the quilt and wiped repeatedly. Then the quilt is soaked in high temperature water and soaked for about half an hour, and then repeatedly washed. The mildew can disappear. (Folding bed  manufacturer china)

5.Vinegar and milk
The moldy quilt not only emits a musty smell that is unpleasant, but also leaves unsightly spots. At this time, moldy cotton quilt is immersed in water with vinegar and milk for more than one hour. The more serious the plaque, the longer the soaking time should be extended to ensure effective removal of mold spots, and finally brushed and dried. In the ventilated area, the quilt with mold spots restores the bright primary color.