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Mattress purchase tips - spring mattress

hya hya.com 2018-10-26 14:49:53

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The appearance of spring mattresses has changed our traditional way of sleeping. Spring mattresses have swept the world to talk about this color change, but in just a few short years, today's spring mattresses have been reinvented and reappeared in our field of vision. A spring mattress can be sold from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. There are some unknown secrets. It is estimated that more consumers want to know the secrets.

Spring mattress purchase tips

1. Identify the mattress spring

The wind and rain history of the mattress can be traced back more than one hundred years ago, and the types of mattress springs are also varied, but the performance has been greatly improved.

1) Linked Linked spring mattress is the most historic mattress spring. This kind of mattress spring is used, the resilience is not good, the design is not ergonomic, and it is easy to involve the spring next to it, affecting sleep. quality.

2) Independent tube Independent tube spring means that a single independent spring is sealed in a fiber bag and then aligned and bonded into a bed net. The springs can operate independently without interference. The independent cylinder is composed of a high-support independent cylinder spring and a honeycomb independent cylinder spring.

3) First-line steel The structure of this spring mattress is unique, and the spring of this structure is evenly stressed and balanced. It can be properly stretched according to body weight and body shape, and the body can be supported smoothly and evenly. Compared with the independent tube spring mattress, this spring mattress is inferior in performance to the independent tube spring.

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2.Identify the spring mattress is good or bad

1) when trying the soft and hard mattress, first press the four sides of the mattress to see if the spring mattress has good supporting performance, then press the central part of the mattress with your hands to hear if the spring has a "crunch" sound. If so, the internal spring has rusted or damaged.

2) Look at the internal structure of the mattress. When purchasing a mattress, you have the right to ask the shopping guide to open the side of the mattress. Look at the internal structure and material to see if the internal filler has signs of mold and smell, and whether the filler is neat. The pieces are not bad.

3) Smell the smell of the mattress. Generally, the quality of the work is poor, or the mattress gives off an unpleasant smell. It is recommended to give up this mattress.

4) Ask the details of the mattress, the customer has the right to guide the purchaser to request the production details of the mattress, so that the customer knows more about the mattress.

5) Spring mattress purchase should be lie down and flipped in various postures, feel the support of the mattress to the spine and whether it can make the spine get a good and even support, not to press the mattress with the hand or hip, spring bed When you buy the pad, you should try to lie down and feel the touch and softness of the mattress.

3.The mattress population(Waterproof  membrane manufacturer china

After several years of changes in spring mattresses, it is common to use independent tube pocket springs. The independent bag springs are more humanized for the support and stability of the human body. It is more suitable for adults to use the spring mattress with ridge protection. Endlessly, with high-grade latex, sponge and other materials to increase the comfort of the mattress, but does not mean that the spring mattress is suitable for children and the elderly. A mattress that is too soft is prone to fall, and it is difficult to get up. For an elderly person whose bones are gradually loosened, it is better to choose a mattress with a higher hardness.