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Mattress classification - spring mattress

hya hya.com 2018-07-03 10:10:27
The spring mattress can be said to be a mattress that directly changes the way we sleep. The spring should be regarded as the main material of the mattress nowadays, and these years also have a lot of tricks in the type of spring.

The conjoined spring-type spiral wire connects all individual springs in series to form a spring net. This kind of mattress spring structure is generally common in more traditional spring mattresses, and it is not ergonomic in the design of the mattress, and it is easy to involve the next spring. This spring mattress is generally stiff, has poor springback and is not comfortable.

Independent tube
The independent cylinder spring means that a single independent spring is sealed in the fiber bag and then arranged and bonded to form a bed net. The springs can operate independently without interference. Independent cylinders are divided into high-support independent tube springs and honeycomb independent tube springs. The former is more suitable for people with lighter weight and the latter is more suitable for people with heavy weights. From the standpoint of performance, the advantage of the independent tube spring is much higher than that of other mattress springs, which ensures the comfort of the mattress and also provides good support for the human back.

3. First-line steel

First-line steel, this spring mattress structure is unique, and the structure of the spring force uniform, good balance, according to the weight and body shape to make appropriate expansion and contraction, smooth and even support the body, a strong sense of comfort. This type of spring mattress is not as good as a stand-alone tube spring in performance.

Meizi induction spring
The beauty induction spring introduced here is the exclusive patent of the famous international mattress brand. Meizi induction spring can make corresponding adjustments according to the human body's sleeping position, which can perfectly support the sleeping position of the human body and maintain the balance of the spine. The reason why silk mattresses can be used as mattresses for five-star hotels is that the mattresses are ergonomically designed to provide deep sleep while also protecting the spine.

Mattress Advantages: The choice of its degree of hardness and hardness is very wide, there is a very soft one that slumped down to sleep, and there are also hard ones like hard board beds. Spring mattresses are widely used

Mattress Disadvantages: It is not suitable for the elderly and children, spring mattress and other materials, the whole bed is soft, long-term use of the waist injury is more powerful.

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