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Mattress classification - memory foam mattress

hya hya.com 2018-07-04 14:10:57

Memory cotton is a kind of special temperature-sensing material. It has the characteristics of decompression, slow rebound, temperature sensitivity, breathability, and antibacterial and anti-mite. According to the change of human body temperature, its softness is different, and it is suitable for various parts of human body. With the support, more businesses nowadays sell memory foam mattresses (Printing warp knitted fabric supplier)like health mattresses, and there are hundreds of thousands of them, forming a trapezoidal structure.

Advantages of mattress: Memory cotton itself has no resilience to human body, but also promotes human blood circulation, antibacterial and anti-mite, reduces the possibility of bacteria harming the human body. Secondly, memory cotton is relatively sensitive to temperature. After human body contact, it will change according to human body shape. Fit the human body curve so that the human spine is supported accordingly.

Mattress Disadvantages: Deterioration of the indoor temperature will make the mattress hard, affect the comfort of the mattress, memory cotton and heat storage characteristics, not suitable for use in the summer, affecting the body heat.