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Mattress classification - latex mattress

  • Author:hya
  • Source:hya.com
  • Release on :2018-07-05

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Latex classification is another very expensive material after memory foam. In addition to having the same completely fitting spine as the memory cotton, the anti-interference advantage, because it is a natural material, green, high elasticity, strong permeability, anti-mite antibacterial, so its price is more expensive than memory cotton. However, after experiencing the best latex mattress brand, Jin Keer, memory foam is not as good as latex. Therefore, it is best to choose mattresses for mattresses.

Mattress Advantages: Latex mattress is one of the most widely used mattress materials in the mattress production industry. It is made of natural environmental protection, and the latex itself has super high elasticity, which can fully fit the body curve and keep the body parts in the body. The natural physiological curve. Emulsion spreads the flavor, effectively eliminates mosquitoes, inhibits bacteria, and reduces bacteria growth.

Mattress Disadvantages: Latex mattresses are a major source of allergies to skin. After being exposed to ultraviolet rays, latex mattresses are susceptible to oxidation and brittleness, eventually leading to deformation of the mattress. The cost of latex mattress production is high, and the price of a latex mattress varies from a few tens of thousands.