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Mattress classification - jade mattress

hya hya.com 2018-07-06 18:57:35
Jade mattresses, according to the natural size of the use of natural jade tablets, neatly arranged on the bedding, the middle with adhesive or mesh to the jade on the mattress leather, but also according to their own needs, adjust the temperature of the mattress . Jade mattress work principle is to heat jade, jade release far-infrared effect on the human body, accelerate blood circulation, promote metabolism, so jade mattress for the body's various diseases have improved and prevention.

Advantages of mattress: Jade mattress belongs to health care mattress, which can promote the metabolism of the human body and prevent hypertension and vascular arteriosclerosis. For female friends, the long-term use of jade health mattress can also be a beauty.

Disadvantages of mattress: Jade mattress needs electricity to play a role, there is a certain degree of safety hazard, jade mattress is not all people, it is suitable for use. Especially for patients with malignant tumors, pregnant women, bleeding tendency, severe heart disease, etc., it is forbidden to use.

Jade mattress brand recommendation: Kang Xuan, Yu Yuan, Meng Yukang, Kang Taiyuan, etc. The price of jade mattress is related to the intelligent temperature control system. The jade mattress with intelligent temperature control system is available, and the price is about 2,000 or so. The jade mattress can be bought for a few hundred dollars.