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Latex mattress purchase tips

hya hya.com 2018-10-30 10:03:54

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1. Identify true and false latex mattresses
Latex mattresses have a lot of excellent properties, so that more mixed-wool latex on the market is sold as a premium latex mattress. Consumers can choose a latex mattress to master the three major points to eliminate the inferior latex mattress.

(1) smell, high-quality latex mattress is made by natural latex through foaming process, latex mattress itself has a light creamy fragrance, while industrial synthetic latex contains strong chemical flavor, bad merchants will add some fragrance To cover up this unpleasant smell.

(2) Touching the mattress, the surface of the high-quality latex mattress is delicate and smooth, like the baby's skin, the opposite is the opposite, the hand feels rough, the color is dull.(Mattress fabric wholesales china

(3) Look at the pores, the high-quality latex mattress foaming process is high-grade, and the naturally formed venting holes are of different sizes (except for the latex mattress made of foaming and molding). This latex mattress is generally beautiful. The pores are uniform. The inferior latex mattress is punched by manual processing, and the edge of the hole is rough and observable by the naked eye.

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2. Identify the partition latex mattress
As consumers demand higher levels of sleep quality, latex mattress designs have also been greatly improved. By partitioning, the mattress is perfectly supported on all parts of the human body as a whole. The general partition mattresses are: three districts, five districts, seven districts, nine districts and the whole district. The most common are mainly five-zone and seven-zone mattresses. It is very simple to distinguish the partitioned mattress. It is known at a glance that the partition mattress is designed with different density of natural latex to adjust the softness and hardness of the mattress. The wave design massages the human body and the comfort effect is better. The five-zone design is only for the reasonable support of the human head, shoulders, back, buttocks, legs, etc. The seven-zone mattress can ensure the comfort of the back waist, so that the spine is naturally soothing and straight, based on the five districts. Increase the partition of the two ankles.