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How does a 35 year old woman resist aging

hya hya.net 2018-03-07 10:42:35
How does a 35 year old woman resist aging

Women from one to 35 years of age, the physical function has gradually become aging, from the perspective of health, women maintenance from the age of 35. 35 year old women maintenance should adhere to the 16 good habits: refusing to stay up late, keeping good mood, often supplementing calcium, and eating more green pepper Kiwi... Let's get to know the secret of 35 year old women.

Staying up late can cause great physical harm to female friends. It will disturb the body's biological clock and cause endocrine dysfunction. Therefore, we must go to bed before 11 o'clock at night, refuse to stay up late, and come back beautifully. In particular, 35 year old female friends should pay more attention to this.

From the age of 35, women began to lose breast tissue and fat. With the aging of the breast, the phenomenon of breast drooping, the contractile of the areola and the hyperplasia of the mammary glands will be gradually appeared.

At the same time, touch the armpit near the breast, feel too soft or hard feelings. It is the best way to keep the breasts young and need more care for the women, and the diet and massage are the best.

On food, eat orange, grape, grapefruit and tomato contains vitamin C foods, which can prevent deformation of the chest; broccoli, cauliflower and sunflower oil and other foods containing vitamin A, beneficial hormone secretion; seafood, such as shrimp, shellfish, which contains zinc is an important element in manufacturing female hormones.

Laugh at the truth of ten years. Appearance is the portrayal of a person's mind, and the face is the solidification of a person's emotions. There is saying: "abdomen poetry and gas from china".

Indeed, when a person is good at heart, good at doing, having culture and taste, she will become more beautiful and more delicious when she is happy and full of heart, but on the contrary, it will become ugly and atrophy.

So to say that tolerance, open-minded, optimistic mood is the best beauty beauty agent, in real life it is easy to do, practical and practical.

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