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About the dressing table's purchase method and maintenance skills

hya hya.com 2018-12-12 16:55:14

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Everyone must be familiar with the dressing table. She is a kind of bedroom furniture that is more common in our life. It is mainly used for women's dressing. Everyone has their own different aesthetic visions about the style of the dressing table, so in the appearance choice As long as it is personal, you can do it! However, we still need to know about the purchase method and maintenance skills of the dressing table.

The appearance of the dressing table is best chosen with a paint brush, so it is easy to clean, so that the cosmetics do not penetrate into the dressing table, affecting the appearance of the dressing table. At the same time, according to the overall style of the room, the style of the dressing table can be selected. The mirror of the dressing table can't just look at it when you choose it. The mirror of the dressing table must be a folding design, so that when you look in the mirror, you can see the angles of your face and see clearly. There is a problem with the makeup of your own place. The dressing table should be equipped with a mirror front light. It is best to use a white light for the mirror front light. It is not recommended to use a yellow light because the yellow light will produce a color difference and cannot reflect the makeup color. In addition, it is recommended that the light be mounted above the mirror or on both sides of the mirror to minimize facial shadows.

Check the quality of the dressing table. Most of the dressing tables are made of artificial boards. The owner should check the quality certificate when selecting. Look at the formaldehyde content and quality of the board. It is best to smell the scent of the dressing table to see if there is a pungent smell. Yes, it is best not to buy.

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When choosing a dressing table, be sure to ask if there is a matching chair. It is best to choose a dressing table with a matching chair. This will not cause overall disharmony and cause trouble for your own dressing.

How to maintain the dressing table? You can use general furniture waxing and cleaning agent to wipe. If the cabinet is painted with paint and is afraid of color loss, you can use a rag to clean a small amount of detergent and wipe it in an inconspicuous area. If there is no color drop, you can rest assured. use. Remember not to use gasoline or organic solvents to wipe, you can use the wax on the furniture to wipe, increase the luster, reduce dust accumulation. (Mattress lining fabric wholesales)

After purchasing your favorite dressing table, always pay attention to maintenance and cleaning. In general, you should not wipe directly with a damp cloth. Just wipe it with a clean cloth and a small amount of water. Be sure to keep the cabinet clean and tidy.